Have to admit defeat

We are replacing our fence between us and our neighbours, and two panels behind our summerhouse, they all have concrete posts that we did years ago, the two behind the summerhouse we did yesterday, but what a job, 5x6 Ft panels, heavy duty close boarded. we got the first one in fairly easy as i had to cut it slightly shorter to fit between the posts, that is lifting it to the top of the posts and slide it in between, but when it came to the next one, a full six foot by five foot we struggled, even with mrs,p on the platform ladders her full 5 ft height wasn’t enough, luckily our neighbour saw our plight and, with his help, we got it in, there’s another four to do plus a short one, but, I think old age has finally caught up with us, we’re going to have to pay someone to do it for us, or at least, help me to do it…

Old age is a bugger!,!

Tell me about it Primus I do three or four hours decorating and I’m done in. Its great when you’re finished though isn’t it…not quite knackered…yet :slight_smile:

we had replace one section of our fence as the arris rail had rotted. On the other side of our garden the fence needs replacing but the neighbour whose fence it is does nothing about it. One day a good gust of wind and it will come down. Nice enough people but have not a clue about how to look after a garden, they would be better off in a flat.

I suggest you go round there and advise them. Maybe nothing is done about it, because they don’t know how to?

In my personal experience it always pays to be very aware of causing problems when fencing or boundaries are even mentioned. This can cause irreparable problems between neighbours and far, far worse. There are many regulations and legalities concerning fencing and boundaries, to define these legally can be very costly. Also some neighbours can display behaviours and traits that are completely unbelievable, no matter how well you may believe you get on with them. :frowning:

Should anyone require more about this, I believe the links below give invaluable information:


Good grief! You don’t have to climb above the height of the concrete posts to slide the panels in. Use stout long battens with hinges affixed to the top rail to facilitate the lift & slide. Then when located correctly, unscrew and remove the hinges.

These are close board heavy duty panels, not just a standard panel, we had to get one made longer (7 ft) and they couldn’t do this with a larch lap or woven panel so we had to get these, I now wish we’d gone with eco plastic panels, much easier to cut and install, but , hey ho….

Primus, as we get older we still think we should be able to do all the things we could do years ago, I used to do all my decorating myself, I enjoyed doing it, now I just wish I could, but now the energy runs out fast…

Yes Paula, the mind is willing but the body is weak….never so true in my case…