Have had such a productive day in the Craft Room

I have blown this months ‘mad money’ on a set of lovely dies - Butterflies!

IMG_9819 (3)

IMG_9820 (3)

IMG_9821 (3)

This is what they can do:-

A standard Gatefold card

IMG_9808 (3)

A standard front opening card

IMG_9807 (4)

A Butterfly panel card
IMG_9810 (3)

A Butterlfy ‘cut out’ card

IMG_9813 (3)

Butterfly shaped card 1

IMG_9812 (3)

Butterfly shaped card 2 - used watercolour paint crystals to create the background for this one -

IMG_9811 (3)


I’m in awe! Such talent!

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Thank you - it has been such fun!

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They are all very good Tabby, but I confess I like the butterfly shaped ones best, too, especially the very last one. Very pretty. :+1:

These are lovely, I especially like next to last butterfly one. I’ve never used dies myself, not even sure what to do, come over and show me Tabs :wink:

Thank you Mups. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

I would be happy to, Queenie!