Has anyone tried microblading?

I will be having this procedure done to my eyebrows soon.

Has anyone had it done on here?

My eyebrows have become extremely sparse , I would like my fringe to be above my eyebrows, because it keeps getting into my eyes,:slight_smile:

Hence why I’m having it done.

It’s pricey as well to have it done…it makes a huge difference on some people.

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Never heard of it, Pauline, hope all goes well!

Yes I’ve seen it as its advertised a lot on FB and I’ve seen the before and after pics . It seems to look natural too .

Don’t do it Pauline… I think it looks awful besides you don’t need it.

I was picturing something like rollerblading until I read the thread. I would never have guessed it was to do with eyebrows.

That’s a good thing Harbal

Like Tabs said, I have never heard of it either.
Can you describe what it is please, Pauline?

It’s having tattoos on your brows to make natural looking eyebrows

Definitely not for me then!

Did it hurt much when you had yours done Judsy? :smiley:

Found this :-

Oh no, dont fancy that at all Tabby, and supposing you didnt like it, i suppose you’d be stuck with it. Blow that.

I’d as lief stick to eyebrow pencils - at least you can wash that off if it goes wrong!

No way Jose.

My eyebrows are perfect as they are. :smiley:

My eldest daughter had hers done and they need to be ‘topped up’ every now and then because they tend to fade.

Is it like Tattooing? I have a number of Chinese female friends who have had their eyebrows tattooed on when they were much younger.

I have to admit until they pointed it out to me I never noticed but apparently it saves a lot of maintenance.

Just a thought - if one has dark eyebrows tattooed on - won’t they look a bit silly as one ages - when skin tones change and hair turns grey?

Does Asian hair turn grey? Chinese are white as and stay out of the sun in fact some of the young girls in hot pants have legs that are so white that, in my opinion, they look ill.

However it is beauty thing for them one of my friends gets scolded by her children and siblings for returning to Malaysia with the slightest tan - she is 69.

Don’t forget too that tattoos fade with time.

Darn it, I didn’t realise that microblading cuts the skin.

I won’t be having it done now, in case of infection, as I’m of a mature age, I won’t risk it, plus I’m on statins that lowers your immune system.

Thanks for all the advice.

When I get something like this into my head, it’s hard to shake it off…until they mentioned cutting the skin, that woke me up.

I liked my beauticians brows so natural looking, never thought to ask about the procedure…

I want that is what I thought, looked it up last night, as I was going to get them done in Newbury,

Then I read what I just typed…I’ve always done things a…e about front.

I’m glad to hear it, pauline. Besides, you don’t need it; you’re just right the way you are.

Good morning, btw. :001: