Has anyone ever tried their hand at Topiary?

Have any members ever tried their hand at Topiary?
If so, what have you created?

I have been thinking about trying this for some time now, but never get round to actually getting started.
I rather fancy making an animal rather than just a round ball or similar.

Any hints and tips on how to begin please?

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If you haven’t done it, perhaps try a round ball for a first go? I haven’t done it myself, but I have watched it being done, and its all about balance and perspective, apparently. Its got to look good from all angles. :shock:

I had a go once a few years ago and managed to create a ball with a smaller ball on top… sorry, no pics.

What’s the worst that can happen you let it regrow? have you got a plant in mind and do you see the animal in it you want to create? take it slowly stop more than you go. Look forward to seeing it apparently my great granddad was really good at it and around his allotment site and his garden he “created” many animals/shapes my Mom said his favourite was a knight from a cress set.

I like that bit, Kazz.
Good advice. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dongles and Pixie, I think perhaps I’d best do a bit more reading on this subject first.

I have a couple of cloud trees

Important to pick the right Shrub/Bush…Privet or Box would be my first choices…they need to be dense,

I have done a cut out in a twirl/curl shaped one ages ago.like upwards waves…hard to explain this…

When it grows though, I found it needed lots of trimming…no big deal though if you like gardening in general…good luck…

I’ve got a few box plants I’ve trained into balls a couple of them I grew from tiny plants I’m always aware they are not perfectly round …but I try my best :slight_smile: They are in pots so I brought them with me from my last house.

Thank you Dianne. From what I’ve read I think you are right about the Box is most suitable.

I’ve been looking at the price of animal frames though and I nearly fell off me chair! They seem to be between £100 - £250. I never dreamed that would be as dear as that.

Now thinking of exploring buying the rust-proof wire and trying to design my own, but it’s all only in my head at the mo. :slight_smile:

If you are happy with them, that’s all that matters Summer.
Hope all went well with the new window installation. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you could have a hobby making frames to make make a hobby making topiary

Hah, I had to read that three times for the penny to drop, Kazz. :lol:

I never dreamed the animal frames were such silly prices.

Made sense when I wrote it. :mrgreen: The thing with a hobby is I think to enjoy yourself.