Has anybody read The ADDRESS by Fiona Davis

Title keeps popping up The Address . “Spanning over 100 years, Fiona Davis’ mystery is over is packed with deceit. "
I’m inclined to give it a go although it’s not my usual type of read .

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its got a good rating ,and the story line sounds good . let us know what you think when you’ve read it .

Zuleika, lt sounds like a really good book but unfortunately l fall asleep after reading two, or three pages of any book these days! It’s better if l listen to the story.
I do miss reading a book because l used to be an avid reader.

Falling asleep reading ? That’s why I only read in bed Art …in order to fall asleep. :smiley:

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I’m looking for a hard cover large print version . Not my usual style but the cataract in one eye’s stopping me from reading paperbacks .

I do find now the books I have ,are not readable because the print is small ,its more enjoyable to find a print the right size and I can fly through the pages .

Distressing isn’t it when the print gets to a size we can’t easily read ? I’ve never needed to wear specs for reading but they wouldn’t help with cataracts controlling the issue.
Anyway last night after checking and found my library only had a paperback I found a hardcover large print copy of The Address on eBay ? Bought it ! :grinning: