Harry wants security updated

If he was stupid enough, other Sussex residents would make his life there intolerable.

Then, you are saying residents of Sussex are mean and vengeful?
Sure sounds like it to me…

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Maybe you don’t realise that Harry has lost a great deal of the goodwill he had in this country due to his behaviour towards his family. He has made financial gain based on his endless criticism of his family - something that many people here find repugnant not least because his family can’t answer back, and he knows that. When he married and when he left the RF people here were on the whole supportive and wished him well - sadly, through his own actions, he has lost all of that.


in what way would they make it intolerable? Sounds rather nasty and spiteful

Sounds like he is justified in needing security then if that is how Sussex residents would behave.

Because if he is a UK resident why should he not move back t o Sussex if he wants to?

Regardless of whether someone had your goodwill or respect or not - surely you should would not do anything to make their life intolerable - and if so, that reflects on you, not on him.


No we are not, but we do dislike someone who takes our county name in vain or who holds it up for mockery, and that is Harry and his harridan. It all comes down to the old saying :point_right: marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Did they ever visit Sussex, must have just cannot remember.
They did, one off day: never to be repeated.

I can well understand you wanting to be prideful of your country, as do most citizens of our own country.
Feeling the need to call Harry and his chosen wife names, belittling them, and passing continued judgment of his choice of marriage and where he wants his life choices to go, reflects badly on your country to others. It does give others pause to consider you are the pot calling the kettle black.
Perhaps it shows a false sense on confidence because your ego has been hurt.
Isn’t this exactly what brits are doing to Harry?


Well if Harry holds your country up for mockery (not sure if he does or not, I don’t follow what he says) - you are doing exactly same thing holding his wife up for mockery, calling her derogatory names.

and they were together for 2 years before they got married - hardly ‘marrying in haste’ :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Anyway it is one thing to dislike them and that is your prerogative - but what you said was Sussex people would make his life intolerable - it surely is not anyone’s prerogative to make the life of anyone else intolerable - whether you like them or not.
That certainly would be mean and spiteful and reflect badly on you.

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Hello July, I believe that Harry did not fully explain royal etiquette or allow enough time for Meghan to adapt into goldfish bowl royal life. William took his time dating his future wife, about ten years before he proposed.

that may be right but 10 years is much longer than most people would take before getting married.

Meghan and Harry married in 2018 after being together about 2 years - not a short or hasty length of time

If they waited till 2026 they would of lost the chance t o have a family - given Meghan will be 46 by then

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Indeed, but not sure Meghan met many, if any of her future in-laws before the wedding and Harry has not met his father-in-law, am sure the press would have found out if he did. They both chose to withdraw from a public life, left UK for a happy private life in USA independent of royal influence, protocol. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton first met in 2001 while they were students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. They announced their engagement in 2010.

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Hasn’t what Harry has done to his family through his interviews and book proved that he is exactly that - nasty and spiteful - all done to make money!

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That may be so , I don’t know, I don’t read his books or interviews - but doesn’t justify Sussex residents making his life intolerable if he moves back there

2 wrongs dont make a right.


I agree that two wrongs don’t make a right but surely you can see the reason Harry has lost the respect of many people in this country.
He was carrying out those interviews and writing his book at a time when the late Queen was grieving the loss of her husband and was in the final months of her own life - of course money meant more to Harry and his wife than supporting his grandmother.

I’m not disputing that - I dont follow him enough t o argue why he has lost respect.

My argument is only with the idea that Sussex residents would be justified in making his life intolerable.

Whether we like or respect anyone or not, that isnt something to promote or excuse.

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I don’t excuse it but I understand it.

I don’t

I dont think it is ok to make anyone’s life intolerable, whether we like or respect them or not

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I didn’t say I thought it was OK, just that I understand why they would do it.

As a resident of Sussex I’d have no intention of making his life a misery!
Most of us Sussex people have far more important things to dwell upon. I suppose there’s a few that have an agenda.


Unfortunately, I see it almost daily…
And on some sites, it is total BS, completely false, made up stuff (which I readily report to the admins of a site)
People need to just leave them alone…
If they do something newsworthy, by all means, report that…
But like with Diana, people can’t seem to let them be…
“Oh”, you say…“they keep putting themselves in the news”…
How do you know that?
I read a story a couple months ago that Meagan had toe fungus and was how horrified she
was about it…
A. Most likely was BS…
B. Why say something like that?
Just leave them alone…

Bit then, I remember some story about Sarah Ferguson decades ago about her shoes and some foot infection…
Seems like there’s a distinct (and sad) difference of courtesy in how people treat royals…
If they like them, they will try and bash any awful fake stories…
If they don’t like them…it’s alright to say untrue, hurtful things…
THAT reflects solely on the people that say such things…not on the people they are saying it about… shows huge lack of character and class.