Hard Working Young People

We complain about the youngsters and how easy they have things.

My Health Care Assistant, a young lady who changes my commode and urine bottles and weighs and takes samples from them , was I noticed, wearing a wedding ring today.

How long have you been married?

Turns out she was married Saturday, both her and hubby in work again yesterday.

They can’t afford a honeymoon, she has a Master’s in Biology and is earning money to fund herself through Medical School.

Neither of them have family support doing it all on their own.

They are not all idle things.


Good grief…talk about determination. I wish them all the luck and success in the world :+1:

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I’ve been saying the same about young folks too both my kids work so hard as do my son and daughter in law and their circle of friends who all work full time as well as having children to organise and juggle childcare etc

I know people will say well we had to cope and do the same but sometimes its good to stop and remember it wasn’t easy and it hasn’t got any easier for them either


Oh well said. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Totally agree, and I get so cheesed off with old people calling young people lazy :rage:


@swimfeeders ,Yep, l agree Swimmy, those two deserve to succeed !!
Good luck to them !! :+1::+1::+1:

I totally agree. I’m sure there are some lazy slobs but those I have encountered have been gems. A special to my windows cleaner at our previous house. We was doing day release classes at the local tech. He needed a bit of help with his course work and we helped with that. His family didn’t have a computer so he had to type his work by hand. My dear wife is a touch typist so she was able to help him out. Then she sent it to me to sort out the technical bits. He was chuffed at the end of his year results So res, there are hard working youngsters…

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I agree, there are some real hard workers out there in the young workforce. My great niece who is 17 is in college studying criminology and she’s working hard earning too. At the moment whilst on holiday from college she’s working 6 days a week full time.

She loves her job and loves the money even more lol

There are some lazy arse buggers out there in both the young and old.

I was never lazy always been a grafter wanting to earn my own money.

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I agree too!
There are lots of young people who work hard, help others, take chances, travel via backpacking all over the world plus other good things.

They don’t always get the praise they deserve.

I think this is true of most young people, I don’t know why we concentrate our prejudices on the perceived laziness of an unremarkable few.

Almost 17 J my granddaughter goes to college and works in a chemist every weekend , 9am till 6pm Saturday and 10am till 4.30pm Sunday has done for almost a year , and is saving for her own car and driving lessons .

Her parents encouraged her to work and it is helping her experience life and good work ethics.


The issue is the news of the “good” is not newsworthy.


I am so chuffed with this thread, it’s such a nice change from the usual putting young people down :+1::grinning:

And nobody has moaned about how long they spend on their mobile phones yet, it’s got to be a record!

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… or how much time those lazy boomers spend on the internet.


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Exactly! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I have a theory on why people believe that young people are lazy, so here it is…
From back in the late 80’s large businesses started moving work methods over to computer & they reduced the number of workers because, if they paid less people then it would help reduce the expense of setting technology to do the job & make people understand they had to work harder.
Since then, many other businesses have tried to run on reduced staff … but they went too far.

Many young workers do work hard & are under tremendous pressure, so how can they be expected to do the job well?
I believe that computers have speeded some things but many jobs involve relating to the public &, if the public become cross because there are not enough people to do the job, who do the employers blame?
A good company who employ enough staff to do the job well , will find that young people have more incentive to work hard and do a good job.
Computers may one day become our only workers , but employers should not expect people to work at the same rate as a computer during the transition.

Ask yourself,

  1. Would I rather communicate with a machine or a person if I have questions?
  2. Do I want to be given limited options on the questions I want to ask?
  3. Can a computer understand the emotional effect on humans , regarding explanation & terminology used when they reply.

Computers may well make life more efficient, but companies were too busy trying to get richer , rather than moving more slowly & paying for the right number of staff during the process !