Happy Earth Day 2022

I have just had a ‘Happy Earth Day’ greeting from a local Estate Agent via an email.
Is this a day that you celebrate? Or like me, you didn’t know there was such a day as ‘Earth Day’?

I wonder if there will be a firework display in the sky tonight?

Fireworks are not good for the earth, some say.

Happy Earth Day to all.

An excuse for GiffGaff to email me …

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I didnt know either . I dont need emails or special days on a calendar to tell me to be happy on the earth.

I love this beautiful earth . She gives us everything . There is nothing more we need . I look at the stars and the moon and fall in love . I see the clouds and the pictures they show me and I smile . I love the little seedlings sprouting in my tiny postage stamp garden and touch them waiting for their flowers to brighten my day .

And I am sad for the earth she is suffering yet still gives and gives .

Earth day for me is 7 days a week on and on .

Thank you world for caring for us


Susan, I thought that was beautiful and l am the same with plants in the garden and l give them a loving stroke! This is because l may have grown them from seeds or cuttings and it makes me feel like l have produced little miracles!

A few weeks ago, l saw a woman with a baby in a sling with the baby facing outward.
She was walking down an avenue. Every old tree they passed, she took the baby to the trunk of the tree and stroked it, then held the baby’s hand out for her to stroke it too.
At first, l thought it was an odd thing to do but when l really thought about it, l realised it wasn’t and it was a beautiful thing to do.


I agree Arty, such a beautiful way to raise a child, to teach it from an early age to appreciate nature, our planet and the wonderful rebirth of plants every year. When I was young I took so much for granted, but as I grow older I am enchanted with everything :pray:


I agree Bathsheba as I’ve aged I’ve learned wisdom and see through different eyes now . How precious time is now and it’s almost as if I’m absorbing all the beauty of our planet so I can remember it when I’ve gone!

Maybe because I know time is short now .

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