Happy birthday Percy Vere

Happy birthday PV. Hope you had a fab day.

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Thanks Jazzi :kissing:

A bit late as is my way but nevertheless the sentiment is the same. A very happy birthday to you young sir.

Happy Birthday Percy :slightly_smiling_face: wishing you many more…

Haap Birthday @Percy_Vere

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Thanks @Meg @Zaphod

Happy Birthday! Percy. I hope you’re having a great day!

Happy Birthday Percy !

Happy Birthday Percy… hope you are getting spoiled today :slight_smile:

Hope you are enjoying your Day…

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“Twentyone today,
Twentyone Today!
You’ve got the key of the door,
never been 21 before!”

Have a good one (or two!)


Hope you have a lovely day.,

Happy Birthday to you!

And from me Percy, Happy Birthday to you. :tada::gift::birthday:

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Percy! :grinning:


:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

Happy Birthday Percy! :tada:

Thanks for all the pics.



And happy from me Percy V !

Happy Birthday Percy_Vere and many more of them!

Happy Birthday Glitters Smiley