Hamilton's new contract!

Rumours are rife that Mercedes and Lewis have drafted a new
contract for the next year with an option for a further year if Lewis
wants it !!
Lewis will not receive a pay rise, but will be allowed space on his
overalls and helmet to display his own sponsor ship adverts !!
An interesting clause is likely to be included in the contract which
is unofficially called the Verstappen clause, which gives Lewis the
right to influence the choice of any future team mate in the team??
Hence the name of the clause !!
It is not expected that Verstappen will ever be chosen as a team
member till Lewis leaves the team???
What!a shame, imo it would be very interesting if this could happen?
I wonder what Lewis is scared of??


That’s actually anti-competitive and I feel that Lewis has too much power at Mercedes. If George drove the car so well then it’s definitely the car and not the driver. But Bottas is lukewarm in the car as well. Bottas should have been given the boot. Regarding Verstappen - truth be told, I don’t much fancy the little squirt! Verstappen’s personality reminds me of a vintage John McEnroe!

Boring man with more ego than talent.

Having the name of a players chosen sponsor on clothing is quite common in sport these days. In my favourite sport snooker it has improved immensely the earnings of the players and through that the numbers of younger players competing in tournaments.

The above has made snooker once again very popular viewing sport. Which is great.

I stopped watching F1 when Hamilton started being political with BLM.

I wish sports was an area free from politics

Hi grandad! Welcome to OFF!!
I Agree about the snooker, but you missed the point of my post
I think?
It was really about Hamilton’s perceived anti competition stance in
trying to control who teams up with him ??
Why should he have a say in who races along side of him he doesn’t
pay their wages !!
F1 needs MORE competition, not less imo !!

Your opinions on Lewis and George and Bottas are spot on imo
Minx, but you seem to be judging  Verstappen on his  lack of sex
appeal? ( can't stand the little squirt!) instead of his driving ability??

Concerning George Russell’s drive for mercedes, do you think
Hamilton’s mechanics had anything to do with the debacle of the
pit stops??
After all ,Lewis is a very rich guy ??


And that too !!


I wouldn’t have thought Hamilton is afraid of any teammates as he isn’t of any driver, no f1 driver is! It’s more likely the “ verstappen” clause is to prevent a young teammate being favoured over him, ( as happened with vettel at Ferrari) getting all the latest updates before Hamilton, lewis is nearing the end of his f1 career and, I suspect, if he again wins the title, he will retire, as for Russell, yes he is a future great driver in the right car, and yes, he had a great drive, and should have won, but it was only one race, how would he do in a competitive car, through a season? Lewis rarely makes mistakes even when further down the order, he can overtake and do it fairly,unlike some drivers

Oh l don’t decry Hamilton’s abilities Primus, but l would have thought
that due to the lack of competition between the different teams in F1
it would be to the advantage of the “sport” to encourage a little
bit of competition within the teams to replace it don’t you think?
I find it boring that the results of a race are pre ordained don’t you?
The only excitement now is if someone has an accident !!


DM, they all look the same with their Helmets On.:wink:

I agree donks that the sport is a little predictable at times, as for competition within teams, it rarely works that way, the teams aren’t interested which of their drivers could win a race/championship just getting a car(s) over the line first, or better still first and second, they don’t care who gets there first( although preference is usually given to the lead driver( think “ fernando is faster than you” ) , competition within teams can, and usually does, end in disaster, as we’ve seen with vettel/ Webber and Hamilton/rosberg, and even further back in racing, so yes, it would be better to have drivers in the same teams race each other flat out, ( and to be fair to Mercedes, they do allow this) , it would be better if other teams could close the gap so drivers from different teams could challenge each other…

Yes, that would be better Primus?
But for a few years now that seems to be unattainable , with the
possible exception of Ferrari ? Due mainly to the availability of
adequate funding !! Mercedes seems to be the wealthiest of the
manufacturers with red bull completely reliant on sponsors and so
vulnerable to the vagaries of commerce ?
Perhaps the cars should be de- teched to reduce costs and put
more onus on driving ability ??


Ha! Ha! Don’t they just??


That’s why the new rules for 22 should address the spending by teams to try and level things up a bit

Let’s hope so Primus, lve just seen another report on the Hamilton
contract which says the Verstappen clause does not exist, and that
it is more likely that Russel will be chosen because although Toto
favours Max, the Daimler boss favours Russell !
It also says that Lewis has never had any say in who teams with him?
So it just depends on which magazine you read?
Here’s looking forward to a good season!!


Yes I would have thought lewis would relish the chance to partner max in the same equipment as long as it was equal with both getting the same components…

Hamilton signed so it’s official