I can’t control my hair without using hairspray. It’s wavy and fly away.

I use Silvikrin firm hold. It does a pretty good job but after a couple of days my scalp feels itchy and my hair is a terrible texture so I have to wash it and the routine starts again.

Do all women use hairspray I wonder and if not how do they control their hair (assuming it’s more than 2" long)

I use mousse and a gum ( which is a wax product ). Only use hairspray if I know I need to look totally groomed for a while longer then 5 mins :slight_smile:

But I do wash my hair every day

I have some hair spray, but I rarely use it.
Even then it is only a quick spray of ‘Normal hold.’

It’s that L’Oreal Elnett one, and one canister last me months and months.

I also use the L’Oreal Elnett hair spray ocassionally, usually if I’m going out for the day. I like it as it brushes out easily. :slight_smile:

My hair is short but fine and has a tendency to misbehave. I use lid own brand and was it every other day.

Never touch the stuff myself but one of my ‘ballroom dancing’ friends swears by Elnett. She says it holds really well - even when jiving - and brushes out easily.

I like the golden one, when I put my hair up I tuck in strays and give them a little blast, makes my up dos last all evening or day. One nice thing about it is it seems to brush out reasonably easily. I’ve used other I feel I need to wash the stuff out.

I use tesco value spray awful stuff 50p a big can to set dried flowers and leaves it stops them falling apart so fast.

I use Silvikrin firm hold too Carol, as you say it does the job. Have to admit I wash my hair every day though so it’s washed out daily. I don’t like Elnet products they don’t seem to do the job for me…each to his own though what works for one and all that :slight_smile:

Intriguing thread. I stopped using hairspray sometime in the '90s. I used to always be spritzing my hair into shape. Elnett was the best. But the stuff felt icky like straw. Then I went through a phase of straightening it that lasted about ten years and I found with straighteners it just kept its shape all day - a godsend. These days I just make sure I have a good haircut which doesn’t need any care. My hair tends to go all wavy if its windy or damp so no amount of spray will help that.

My hair is very fine and I keep it short. I use Harmony extra firm hold, not expensive and it’s easy to brush out. More importantly for me it doesn’t smell of anything.

No I don’t use hairspray, or mousse or gel. I don’t spend ‘that’ much time on my hair. :lol: After brushing my hair I spend 60 seconds putting it up into a bun and it stays that way all day.:mrgreen:

Hi Leia,
I have the same problem. Can’t stand the smell of a lot of things, especially hair spray.
I love the self tans also, but the smell makes me feel like I am going to be sick.

Caught ya, hahaha :hug:

Really don’t need it as the messier my hair looks the better, if that makes any sense. Lots of curl.

But sometimes I do like a smooth polished look and will give a quick blast of a light hold spray.

If only I could take my head off and cut my hair as I want it. :shock:

Just cut your hair with a machete first … :lol: … and use scissors after for the tricky bits.

I cut my own hair, but I don’t take my head off.:mrgreen:

If one cuts their own hair do they tip themselves :lol:

As in tip themselves upside down?

I cut mine sometimes, but it is so difficult to get round the back and know where to cut. Can’t swivel, or see in the mirror to get it right.

I use the hair clippers on mine once a week, it literally takes me two minutes. I don’t need hairspray as it is so short.