I had a relaxing 2hrs having a Perm this morning , my hair is very fine so it needs some body in to lift it . I had long straight hair when i was young ,.
So how do you have your hair , straight /short /long or short and permed like i do ? …

Mine is cut close to my head above the ear on the right and longer on the one side , short and spiky , it’s coloured purple and pink .

My husband cuts mine, I keep it long and curly so it’s more like trimming the hedge, Nathan kindly helped me with the hair clippers to take it all off last week. I’ve now got it long and wavy with blue streaks at the temple, and I take it off when I get home and hang it up, easiest style I’ve ever had !

Having your hair them colours is the latest thing , My hairdresser told me its called the Mermaid , she showed me some photos of the ones she had done …
My neighbour also had her purple too…

Long always long…I love my Leo’s Mane…:lol:

A Charlies Angel Look then :smiley:

mine is sparse,with flesh coloured streaks in it,but curled up at the collar,its called going bald:-D

Its not changed any then …:lol:

bit greyer,and thinner lol

I never go to the hairdressers now as I was never satisfied with how it was cut/styled…so as it’s poker straight I cut & style it Myself…'twas shoulder length until a couple of months ago…now it’s short and a very fashionable platinum colour :cool: :smiley:

I’ve not had a perm since the 80s when it looked like an auburn Afro…I loved it.

I never go to the hairdressers , I cut and colur it myself . It always looks nice.

After having short hair for years I now have an inverted bob, it’s so easy to look after, as it needs no styling in between washes. However I start new chemo on Monday so it’s likely I’ll be waving goodbye to my hair for a while!

good luck with the chemo val

"second that DOC.
x to Val .

I lost quite a bit of mine due to the chemotherapy, also have male pattern baldness.

But this year I got scalp micro pigmentation - a head tattoo, fundamentally, so I just look like someone who has a shaved head.

And good luck with the chemo, Val, I don’t know if you’ve had it before but mine wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Thank you doctor, apricot and Ffosse. I started chemo a couple of months ago but had an allergic reaction to my last IV so had to stop that course, have a break and then start on a different type. With my last chemo I was told I wouldn’t lose much of my hair but I could lose it all this time. It will be hard but I’ll get a wig.

I have a graduated bob :slight_smile: my hair is straight, natural not coloured, very thick and with a mind of its own . I bit like me really :lol:

My hairdresser gets very cross because I cut it myself instead of going to her more often .

I only ever have a dry trim, I am not paying a fortune for someone to wash and dry my hair.

Good luck!

With my chemo there was one infusion that stung my arm so badly that they had to slow down the infusion time by about half.

That surprises me, i imagined you with a Perm .

I also cut my own hair and im told i make a good job .

I echo what others have said and wish you luck with the Chemo Val J…