Hair problem

My hair is growing back quite quickly now, very happy about that I didn’t suit a bald head at all. But as always I’m not satisfied :wink: Prior to chemo my hair was thick, curly and shiny, my crowning glory.

It’s come back thinner slightly wavy and very flyaway. I am at my wits end trying to get it to stay in place.

Any help welcome. I’ve already tried a couple of readily available shampoos both left my hair sticky which wasn’t quite the effect I wanted.

Julie, when I lost my hair everyone was envious of it, when it grew back, because it was soft and silky. It isn’t as thick as it used to be, but 7 years later it is as straight as it always used to be ( and I wanted it to come back curly :cry: ).
Give it a year and I am sure you will find it easier to style!:slight_smile:

I look like I put my fingers in an electric socket twink it’s off flying around my head like it’s trying to escape :mrgreen:

Julie buy an anti-static hairbrush.
If you still have problems, I will recommend some other products.

How long is it at the moment Julie?

Hi, just wondered if a quick spray of a light hair lacquer would tame it down and hold it in style at the same time…there are lots of very good makes with light holds ect…worth a try, good luck xx

It’s about two inches most places, little less in others.

That’s an idea worth a try.

I always use a wooden one sweetie, even before this I liked the natural wood bristle for untangling.

When mine was that long it looked a bit fluffy…like some baby hair, but when it reached 4-5 inches it started to settle.
Hair grows at approx half an inch a month, so by June you may see some changes… and you can wear a hat when it is cold!:smiley:

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

My appologies i only just noticed the ‘dates’ lol, this thread is 3 plus yrs old. Well i am new…thats my excuse anyway x


Nooo I started it this morning Lorna.

I am going to search out products for you today Julie.
I will report back my findings.

I have no idea ! I stand confused…:shock:

Hope the hair lacquer idea works x

Lorna were you looking at when I joined on the right hand side ? the date of the first post is on the left.

It should go down Julie. One BFF had the same problem after chemo but now has lovely hair. It does vary with individuals but the static & electric shock look should resolve. I guess you’re veggie so you can’t try fish oils because I think that helps give the hair a boost. What a little John Frieda serum? That gives the hair a little heaviness without overwhelming it.

Do you have a dehumidifier in your home anywhere? Dry air doesn’t help.

1/. Massage scalp every morning for several minutes to help circulate blood
2/. Comb your hair from the bottom up or brush your hair and then…
3/. Dampen hands under water to dampen hair from the bottom only
4/. Add a dollop of your favourite hair conditioner and add to your ends and leave in OR
5/. Get small empty spray bottle from $ store / fill mostly with water leaving room to add hair conditioner - Shake well and use after brushing
6/. Another tip is to use a touch of oil . Use some coconut oil or argon oil and rub into your hands. Then take slightly oiled hands and plop the ends ( only) of your hair

I have coarse, curly, wavy hair that can look quite crazed at times and these methods work extremely well. It takes a bit of experimenting with different products but often it’s just learning to use your favourite products differently than you normally do.

Good luck Julie

Excellent post Bratti.

Lol, yes ! and then realised…silly mistake. Appologies x
good luck, will be keeping an eye on here for the updates…

Thank you Sweetie Pie!