I’ve just joined … because most online forums (I refuse to say fora … when we adopt a foreign word into the English language there is no need to adopt irregular foreign plurals rather than giving them good regular English plurals … so it’s forums, stadiums, premiums etc. as far as I’m concerned)

Now, where was I? Oh yes … most online forums seem to be stuffed to overflowing with people young enough to be my children if not my grandchildren (not that I have any of either … ) and I have so few reference points in common with either of them.

So, yes … I grew up watching Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Mary, Mungo and Midge, and Trumpton ("Time flies by when you’re the driver of a train, and you ride on the footplate there and back again … ), and replying “Yes” when the Listen With Mother reader asked “Are you sitting comfortably?”.

If the preceding paragraph means something to you all, then I guess I’m among friends here (or, at the very least, among people who share my cultural reference points … )

Welcome Shelfordian

Any friend of Bill & Ben is a friend of mine. Not sure about weed though, she was a troublemaker. :lol::lol:

Hello and welcome to you “Digger”.
Enjoy your time on here. :slight_smile:

Hello Shelfordian :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

I’m from the “Listen with Mother” era so I qualify as being and “Oldie” :mrgreen:

I hope you enjoy the forum…

Hey … can everyone please stop calling me Digger!

The profile form asked me for my nicknames so I thought i had to include something … that’s what people called me at school (well, the polite ones … ) but I never really liked it!

(I do, however, like the fact that people here seem to take the trouble to read other people’s profiles … )

Good morning (just) Digger matey and welcome.

A warm welcome from me shelly.
Sorry it just sounds nicer.
You can scold me if you like.
Have fun.

Hello Digger :slight_smile: welcome…

I must be one of the only children in history who loathed Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Mary, Mungo and Midge, and Trumpton :lol: I thought they were childish nonsense :shock:
I tolerated Muffin the Mule …

Lassie was more my style :cool: I was clearly a precocuous child…:lol:

Hi Shelfordian .
Where in Bedfordshire?

I thought that was a sexual offence or even bestiality…:smiley:

Hello Digger,

Welcome to our forum, we are a friendly bunch on here.

We are all of the age on this forum to have watched Bill & Ben, Muffin The Mule and Listen with Mother.

Great chatting to you.

Hi shelfo :039:
Welcome and post away :smiley: