Greetings from plantman

Hello everyone, my name is Barry and I live adjacent to Sherwood Forest In the Midlands, UK. I have recently retired from a working life in construction and I look forward to chatting and debating with amiable people…

Hello Barry and welcome!, I find all the people here very helpful and friendly.

Hi Barry :039: welcome - I hope you enjoy the forum…:slight_smile:

Hi Barry - welcome to the madhouse :lol:

Hello Barry - hope you enjoy this forum. Is that a flatcoat or a labrador in your atavar :smiley:

Hello Barry :039: nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome, Barry! We’re friendly and talk about almost anything.

:039: Cooeee! Hello there

Hi welcome to the forum Barry. Looking at your user name and what your day job used to be I guess you know all about JCB’s and such :lol: also like your avatar picture looks very Labrador like to me, one of my favorite breeds

Thanks to all of you for the welcome notes. Yes, the avatar is of my black lab Zack, who is ten now but still behaves like a puppy most of the time. I look forward to chatting with you all…

Hi Barry, nice to meet you. Welcome aboard.

Hello Barry and welcome :slight_smile:

I love your dog. I’m a huge dog lover. I have 11 of my own.

That`s what I call devotion to the cause! :cool: