Greetings from Galloway, Scotland

Quick hello from me, my name is Brian and I live in a beautiful rural bit of Scotland with my little dog Rory…I am mad on wildlife and countryside so its paradise for me but not many people to chat to lol
I am into woodcarving etc and motorcycles and cars etc plus rock and country music so plenty of interests to chat about if i can find anyone who fancies being bored to death lol I’m not that bad (me thinks)
Anyway glad i found ya and hope to chat sometime.

Hi Brian and welcome, hope you enjoy your time on here.

As an ex-biker myself I know what you mean about not living much beyond 50, as you say in your Profile. I used to give myself to about 40 but fortunately some decades later I am still around. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hello Brian :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello Brian :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

I hope you enjoy your time here with us. :slight_smile:

Hello to you Brian.
I am a Scot but further north. Angus as it was then. Hill farm. Very rural. Also, not many people about.
So chat away.

Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome folks, I have been looking for this type of site but most searches were for some very strange people indeed and not really my scene lol but there seems to be loads of different topics on this site so plenty to suit me. Regarding the motorcycles I have had 40+ over the years including Harleys etc and a custom trike that really woke the tourists up when i went by lol having a break from them at the moment as since my wife died last year suddenly I need to stay fit to keep an eye on her 86yr old father and being so remote i need to be able to drive for emergencies but will be back on two wheels one day as i have plenty of living to do. Got a confession to make I’m not a Scot I am a Asylum seeker from Yorkshire moved here in 2002 and will never leave still amazed that there is no crime here and the folks are very friendly once you learn to understand what they are saying lol.
Cheers and thanks for the welcome

Hi Brian, and welcome to the forum. :039:

Hi Mups

Hi Brian.
Really nice to make your acquaintance in here. You sound like an interesting chap with plenty of hobbies.
Get stuck in mate, it’s a friendly place :cool:

Hi Brian and welcome to OFF. So sorry to hear about your wife, that must have been pretty traumatic for you. I must try to find a photo of my trike which I sold last year. Another avenue of pleasure cut off for me! :wink:

Welcome to the forum Brian, you will find lots of people to chat to on here.

Not sure if I will speak to you though…because I am jealous of the fact that you live in such a lovely place with lots of peace & quiet!:mrgreen:

Rory is lovely!:slight_smile:

Hi Brian :039:
Look forward to chatting with you

Good morning Brian matey and welcome. Had to do a retake when I logged on to your thread, thought for split second ‘George’ had joined us :lol::lol::lol:

Hi Brian,and welcome to the OFF,looking forward to Your banter on the Forum :cool:

Hi Galloway

A warm welcome from the other end of Britain. I already love Rory, what a gorgeous dog.

I love the cravings also.

Sorry! I meant carvings. :blush:

A warm welcome from me Galloway.

Well, that’s kinda me in reverse. I’m a Scot living in Yorkshire.
That said, I moved to Buckingham shire around 1968 when I was offered a job in Bletchley. My move to Yorkshire is quite recent - about a month ago - to be nearer to family.

Just realised who George was lol actually my middle name is George…named after that famous rock star musician …George Formby not Harrison :blush:

Love the Valkyrie…my next bike will be a Valkyrie Interstate or maybe another Electraglide…i have had the 1500cc Goldwing that shares the Valkyries engine but i love the sound of a Valkyrie with 6 into 6 pipes real growl.

Aye Rory has quite a fan club on FB etc and he knows it lol always had dogs etc our last one was Hamish a lovely Cavalier King Charles who had very different temperament to Rory and much more chilled out.