Great time for a break?

Although this has been partially covered on the post covid thread, we’re thinking of getting away to somewhere a bit warmer sometime in Sept/early October.

Should be some cheap deals and, since we’re retired, there’s no real issue about having to spend a couple of weeks in quarantine when we return.

Also, having finished a recent quarantine due to our daughter being tested positive, I suspect that we’ve already caught the virus and worked out way through asymptomatically. Ideally, it would be nice if antibody tests were readily available, but we think it’s probably worth the risk.

Any thoughts?

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Me too! but currently trapped in NSW with the borders still closed. I hope to get away in the next couple of months once spring arrives.

Thinking about heading slowly to Broken Hill but if the Queensland border reopens will head north. Personally I try to avoid the coast and prefer the inland. Would love another trip to Uluru and Kings Canyon but who knows how the borders will be over the next few months?

Whatever happens definitely need to get away. Am driving to the ACT this weekend to see my kids and grandkids, my first trip away since the lockdown.

I suspect that although the UK have many fine areas to visit, as you know we are not entirely blessed by consistent warm and dryish weather. My very limited understanding is that Australia is.

Hope you have a great few days with your family.

I would go too but it’s being confined on an aeroplane for hours with such a large group of people that puts me off…I’m not sure its worth the risk especially for my hubby who isn’t in the best of health.

I would look at it like this at the moment …if one of us is infected how devastating would that be? Some people just shrug it off don’t they but others are not so lucky…for us personally I wouldn’t risk it right now.

The thought of wearing a mask for three hours or more while on the plane would certainly put me off!!

We have definitely written off any hope of a holiday this year, home or abroad. As Summer says, it’s just not worth risking it this year.

We certainly wouldn’t risk a holiday abroad by air or sea, I think we all learned that lesson with the outbreak of Covid-19 on the cruise ship earlier this year. Being cramped with all those people on an aeroplane for hours would also be a nightmare.

I’ve been looking at the brochure for Bluebird coach trips . I guess a mask would have to be worn which would be uncomfortable but I am tempted to have a few days away in a nice hotel .

Me too. I don’t think I could do it.

Also, at the moment I wouldn’t want to be shut in with a lot of people on a plane, boat, train, or even a coach, though wouldn’t mind as much going by car.

If you are traveling out of the country, you might want to research entry requirements for your destination. Some are requirements are particularly burdensome.

I hope this works out for you!

Would that it were so but Australia stretches from near the equator to the roaring forties so has a vast range of climate conditions.

This was almost exactly a year ago in the ACT, I shall be taking all my jumpers and a hot water bottle.

It will be 24’ this weekend where I live but nearly 10’ cooler in Canberra.

Awesome! :023:

(Crossing off the months that I shan’t be visiting Oz. :lol:)

I had that happen to me in the Northern States of the USA ,not a lot of fun TBH

I agree. I understand that your hubby is not so well. As am I. Not worth the risk. Even the mask is horribly irksome.

I’ sorry you are not so well right now Bes…I hope Max is looking after you :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear you two have health problems in your family compounded with the Covid risks that have capped your travel plans for now.

Here’s an idea…

Since our borders ares still mostly closed fo foreign travel, we have set aside a couple of evenings each month or so to prepare a meal from a place we have visited and watch our travel footage or photo streams that we never seem to have time to enjoy.It’s been great fun (aside from the butternut squash ravioli that was heavy as bricks :-()!

I’m just not sure whether watching all this footage is scratching our wanderlust or making it worse :lol:

We had two holidays booked abroad, one this past June and one first week in September but we cancelled them both and put them both forward for next year.
We are going to Northumberland for 5 days on Monday, weather is supposed to be nasty, I so wish we were going abroad but we don’
t want to risk it.

Its entirely up to the individual, I don’t judge anyone take a holiday abroad, god knows we all need a good holiday and abroad is where the sun is. If you go, have fun and stay safe.

I’m sorry to hear you are unwell too Bes, get well soon, Max needs you well.

Kind words from you all. I appreciate that. Another day, another time.