Great cooking tip

If you want to make something taste really peppery, put loads of pepper in it. I stumbled across this little cookery trick quite by accident, but that’s how some of the greatest discoveries are made. :man_cook:


Did you over season your dinner again Harbal?

I’ve got an erratic pepper grinder, Minx.

Probably a user error


@Harbal … I think it’s terrific and terribly innovative to use pepper in a culinary way.
Have you tried 1 tablespoon mustard powder to a litre of hot water ?
But don’t drink it.

No, Morticia, but it’s on my to do list. :001:

Is it long?

Slightly shorter than Foxy’s. But at least that means I can wear my shorts with more confidence. :sunglasses:

You could always wear bicycle clips … unless they pinched your list. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just tuck it in my sock, it’s easier.

There could be a personal hygiene issue here …

Sound advice. Can you offer guidance on other seasonings, salt for example?

I change my socks regularly.

I haven’t tried the technique with salt, d00d, but it could just work.

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will you be hiring a salt grinder?

It’s not worth it, Annie; I hardly ever use salt. I’m heavily into pepper.

Good Tip, not to be Sneezed @Harbal

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Put a large pinch of salt in it too. THAT really emphasises the effect of the pepper.

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