Great British Bake-Off

Now in it’s 10th year this series started last night on Ch4. I can take it or leave it but I did watch it last night.There were a few good bits on last night.

It is longer this series with more contestants, 1.5 hours which I think is too long.

It may be reduced now that there’s no longer 13 contestants.

I much prefer the C4 version of this show - Mary Berry looked like death warmed up and had the charisma of one of her cakes.

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I haven’t watched it since that woman stole someone’s custard from the fridge.

Oh yes, that alleged accident when that bloke’s ice-cream was removed from the fridge so that she could put hers in. The thing defrosted in the heat and he had to chuck it in the bin. She should have been disqualified for that.

A dastardly sabotage of custard if ever there was one :shock:

There are too many contestants Judd, how can any human taste that many cakes in quick succession without throwing up :shock:

We always record it and watch it the following night so that we can dump all of the adverts, which make up at least 20mins of the program I’ll bet…

Very wise Barry :slight_smile:

So do we :slight_smile:

I haven’t watched many of the series, but Daughter likes it. Problem is, it makes us want to eat while watching it.:lol::lol:

I watched first episode and won’t be watching the rest, it’s lost something over the years since it lost the original presenters. I can only take so much of Noel and watching Paul now leaves a bit of a nauseous feeling as he slimes his way round the tent looking for the young women. So I think for me 10 happy years of watching bake off is over.

Watch last night on catch up, my god I hope Alice goes soon she is so annoying to watch, I like young (think his name is) Henry.

I don’t think these bakers are up to it…some of the stuff they bake is no better than my efforts …surely they should be above average to be on the show otherwise there is no point watching…I havent seen the latest episode will watch it on catch up later .

I missed the last 2, I think, will watch them soon.

Which one is Alice? Not the I'm Welsh and I'm going to let everyone know it one? Now, she is a pain in the bum.

ETA: A quick search tells me who she is. The one with style over substance - I liked the look of her sheep cake though. :slight_smile:

Ethel, l so agree! Alices’s eyes are so ‘dotty’ and she thinks she’s so gorgeous! Ha!

Michael is growing on me as he seems so vulnerable!

She has long brown hair yapps all the time to the camera, very load, got top baker 1st or 2nd week dose my head in. I like the Welsh lady. All my hubbies family are from Wales he is the only brummy in the family his mom and dad moved to Birmingham just before the 2nd world war.

I can not work out her eye lllol think she fancies Paul llllol well he dose pick them up In pubs. He’s a tart lllol

What the hell does that Noel bloke add to the show? He isn’t funny and he has nothing to say. Talk about being out of his comfort zone.