Grand national Trainer

Hill Sixteen died after breaking his neck in a fall at the first fence during the main steeplechase on Saturday afternoon. Tarpaulins were immediately brought on to the course to offer privacy to the horse and rider. The ten-year-old horse had completed the course twice before. He was killed instantly; his trainer said on GB news last night.


Both sides of the story.

I think it’s a stretch to blame the protesters for the horses death, really?

Horses have always died in the Grand National and other races :frowning:

If those organising and the owners and jockeys thought the delays and chaotic start were causing the horses too much stress they could have cancelled, postponed or pulled out the stressed horses

I think this is the racing industry trying to discredit and shift the blame onto the protesters.

And I say that as a horse racing fan


??? What did they expect, they were breaking the law?

Poor horse
He had done the course twice already .
It’s gruelling for them , blaming the protestors is BS. .
But money speaks .Nigel Farage is not a man of the people no matter how much people think he is .
Horses are such innocent valiant animals , born to run on the plains they learn to jump big artificial fences at mans behest and they die for it.


Victoria is the only state in Oz now that has jumps racing.It took them 13 years in SA but they got it banned.Hopefully we can get Racing Victoria to do it too.

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The trainer made the claim that the delay was a factor in the death, not Nigel Farage.
Politics played a part in the race going ahead. imo

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