GPS Tracking on some Co op Foods

Will this effect you ?


A simple fact of life, meat is so expensive now that it is being targeted by many scammers and thieves.

It is being sold in pubs etc easily for big profits.

Tracking it reduces the risk of it being nicked from you and sold on.

This is happening more often up here. There’s a local dodgy guy who sidles up beside you with a plastic bag, looking left and right under his furrowed brows. He opens the bag, asking out the side of his mouth “wanna buy stuff??” I mean, honestly…it’s like a bad movie :joy:

Really , we once had a dodgy neighbour knock at our door asking us if we want to buy a car Radio , A load he had come by in a pub .! never had anyone try sell us a joint of meat before ,

Aye right…just happened to fall into his lap!

Yes, joints of meat, bacon, pork chops, steaks…I’m sure he robs the butchers too!

No, it won’t affect me because I don’t steal food from shops and I don’t eat meat.

I remember about ten years ago, two young men were arrested for stealing items from the hospital charity shop I work in - I noticed them acting suspiciously and was sure they had stolen stuff, so I pressed our under-the-counter alarm to alert hospital security, who could check our CCTV.
The hospital security staff were ahead of me - they had seen them enter the hospital and had recognised them as local villains and had been watching them on CCTV and they had already called the police when they saw them stealing from our shop.
The whole thing ended up with the security guys chasing the thieves along the hospital corridor when they tried to run away. The police turned up moments later and then I was asked to go and identify them.
The thieves had been apprehended in a Courtyard outside the hospital and when they were searched, one of them was wearing a jacket with large inside pockets sewn in - apparently it’s the type of jacket that shoplifters wear to make it easy to sweep a shelf full of high value items into the pocket in one movement - that is what they had done in our shop, clearing a whole shelf of men’s deodorants.

When the police opened the rucksack carried by the other man, it was full of the most expensive cuts of steak from Marks and Spencers.
They must have been round M&S before they came into the hospital to steal from our little shop.
The police later told me the value of the meat they stole was over well a hundred pounds - but they would probably sell it in the local pubs for around ten pounds to buy a few drugs.

If these GPS trackers help to track down thieves, that’s fine with me.


I can buy my meat very cheap, not stolen, but unwanted Supermarket Orders from the Producers.

The staff get them from the Cutting Plants.

It is hot, nobody wants brisket or roasts, they are as cheap as can be at the moment. all you need is a freezer.

This is not the time to be buying anything that you can barbeque.

I think the cost of cooking large chunks of meat, is putting people off as well?

My neighbours had one of those tin foil BBQ things to do burgers in. I heard shouting in the garden and peeked out of the window, only to see the wife shouting at the seagulls who were making off with their half cooked dinner! So funny…she was irate though. :joy:


Theiving Gulls :smiley:

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Won’t affect me because I would never buy meat, poultry or fish from a supermarket.

Stealing from shops has been going on for years,it`s just that now theres more of it going on as people steal to order due to the cost of living.
I had a guy years ago asked me if i wanted cheap baby food,he was a well known shoplifter,suffice as to say i said no.

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Yes, it has been going on for years. Locally, there was supermarket that was near the canal.
Many thieves used to go in there, steal the joints of meat and run down the towpath with it. Usually to order, or sell in pubs.

I agree, shoplifting has always gone on.
From kids nicking packets of sweets, to the more serious nicking of meat and expensive bottles of booze.
I am not surprised if it is more widespread now though, and if it prices continue rising like they are, I would guess more and more shoplifting will happen. People need to feed families, and cannot manage on their income anymore.

Once again, what with food and petrol, and domestic fuel costs soon rising again, it is only the idle rich who will still be able to have whatever they want.

Talking of the Co-op and as a quick aside, when I pulled up outside our local Co-op this afternoon, I saw something white moving about out the corner of my eye.
Turned out it was a Robot on wheels - or am I supposed to call it a drone?
Anyway, the chap at the till told me that as from today, they have 2 of these things whizzing about taking local deliveries to people’s doors.
Has anyone else’s locall Co-op got these yet?

I wondered how this could be cost effective because he thought they can only carry about 2 carrier bags of shopping at a time, and they must have cost a fortune to buy.

I did also wonder who would be held responsible if it shot across the road and caused an accident?
Also, if a criminal, or even a gang of teenagers who’d had a few bevvies decided to nick it, could they? And if so, would it stop working if it had been programmed elsewhere?

Anyway, sorry Eliza, back to the shoplifting . . .

Do we not still have the food banks?

Yes Tabs, but some Helpers at the food banks were being interviewed on telly last week, and they were all saying that they have a lot less food to offer poor people now.

There are several reasons for this:

Part of it is because people have not got enough food themselves now, so are hanging on to it.
Secondly because of food prices rising every week, fewer folks can afford to buy extra food to donate to the food banks.
Thirdly, many more people are using the banks now, so they are running out of food quicker.

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Absolutely Mups.
The haves still have the have nots do what they can to get by regardless if its illegal.