Google Maps pictures

Does anyone do this … take photos of places you’ve visited, post on Google Maps, maybe say a few words?

Today I received an email from Google saying one of my pics has 30,000 views

Search Maps for Tucker Angela and you’ll see it, in Tetbury. And it will help me get to 50,000.

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THIS is one of my favourites, out the back of the Bush Theatre Shepherds Bush. Handheld with a slow shutter speed.

IIRC, I used to be able to log walking routes using GPS on Google Maps (OS version), review them with a “flyover” on completion then attach waypoints with links to the photos taken enroute - AFAIK, that incredibly useful function has been discontinued … :frowning_face:

Only available on the paid for version? That’s how it goes nowadays.

No, I think Google dropped the “leisure” version for the “merchandising” one.

It interfaced with Google MyTracks:

In 2016, Google announced that MyTracks would be deprecated and no longer available in the Google Play Store. An in-app popup alerted users that MyTracks would stop working on April 30, 2016.

I used to keep getting notifications and messages prompting me for reviews, photos and a summaries of where I go and how I got there. I did a handful of reviews and a picture or two, but I found it was becoming a nuisance as it was constantly pinging my phone telling me of where I went and what I thought of it - even to places I never went to. Eventually I turned it off. However it seems my Google account no longer supports this feature (for some reason) and I can’t find a reason to turn it back on.

Hi Graham

I never got any messages apart from a couple of emails like the one above saying 30,000 views.

But google photos and google maps probably don’t know my phone number. I take the pictures with a ‘proper’ camera, find the place on google maps on my home computer and upload. They probably do know my number but don’t want to let me know they know it!

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