Google is Blocked - Why?

Every now and then I get this message. is blocked refused to connect.

Anyone else ever get this response?

Never had that problem.

However Google is a bit finicky when I use my VPN service so I use Duck Duck Go which doesn’t seem to care.(and doesn’t record my whereabouts or searches)


No, I haven’t but I wouldn’t be surprised if I got it. I did get a reminder of sorts that I hadn’t logged into my Google account (didn’t know that I have one) for almost two years and that they’d force me to do so soon. :rage:
I really dislike them. Two days ago I used Chrome to update the latest Thunderbird version and got a nerve-racking beep sound afterwards. I found out that Google doesn’t accept the app for any reason. So I did it again using Firefox this time and didn’t have any trouble.

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Get it a lot from bing as well when I have my VPN on

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I wouldn’t know as I keep Google out and away from my PC’s. I even reject everything from Youtube as Google now owns that too.

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