Goods shipped meaning

Yes I had to look up the difference between goods being Shipped- Despatched- out for delivery.
What got me was the word Shipped so I looked it up in this context.

Apparently it is when the order has gone to the manufactures or third party holding the goods, it doesn’t mean they are on the way. Being shipped can mean the place it is being obtained from has got the order and preparing it to be sent out.

Now to me this is confusing but this is the terminology used

Is when the goods are actually starting the journey from the original place but not necessarily to the purchaser. The goods could be just onto the retailer the goods were ordered from

Out for delivery
This is when the goods are eventually on the way on the final journey to the purchaser.

The seller then has 30 days to provide the goods either from the date of accepting to order or from when payment or part payment was taken, so I understand. if not received after 30 days the purchaser has the right to demand the money back. Unless prior agreement in writing on delivery times is different

No wonder people get confused about all this so hopefully this will make it easier to understand

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I already knew that and fortunately have never had any problems with deliveries.


Mags I havn’t up to now either.
However I ordered a new video camera (3rd Jan 2022) and seperate handle from a UK company and things are taking their time. I suspect this covid virus has slowed down production with Panasonic factory and causing a delay on deliveries. I have been told the items have been shipped and the latest was the products have been sent.
Being sent I presume Panasonic have sent the items concerned . Now now I am asking the supplier who I bought from the tracking number of the courier in question.

The sequence of events may well be my placing and paying for the goods- the order sent to Panasonic- Panasonic dealing with the order- Panasonic dispatching the order on local courier- Japan Customs clearing it- DHL transporting it to the UK- Clearing UK customs- then by road to me or supplier.
So in actual fact in all reality if I get the goods this week I shall be surprised. At the time of ordering hardly if any retailer had the camcorder in stock.

got this message 5 days ago

Your order is on the way to you

Are you sure? I remember you whinging about your deliveries going astray on several occasions

the heading is not what your on about, your on about my post going astray and delivered to wrong address

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The heading is irrelevant in this case you were replying to

Note “deliveries”… to which you replied…

It not “post” a delivery? As in, “It was delivered by the Postman” (or in your case not delivered)

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My untoward experience of an item being ‘shipped’ was when I made the mistake of buying something from an Amazon Marketplace company which turned out to be completely unreliable. Fortunately, it wasn’t for much (under £20 I think) and I did eventually receive a refund.
In this case, the statement that the item had been ‘shipped’ meant it was supposedly dispatched from China, which it transpired it hadn’t been. It was more annoying that the seller was a company based in London - address supplied, which turned out to be a small rented office.
I have always avoided Amazon Marketplace companies since, though Marge has occasionally used them.