Goodnight Saturday 3rd February 2024

So what actually happened today?
Did Tesco first thing and arrived home to find I hadn’t locked the door…
Mrs Fox wasn’t happy, but we discovered that our daughter had arrived unexpectedly and was enjoying a cup of tea in the kitchen…So the Fox isn’t going senile after all…
Scampi and chips at a nearby garden centre, Helicopter ER on the telly and an early night…


sounds fabulous OGF. Enjoy your family visit. Scampi and chips + a garden centre sounds a blissful marriage of perfection.

I much prefer the idea of a goodnight thread.

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There has been one for years it is still going.

I must have slept through it Bruce :slight_smile:

Now I’m lost … I’ve just said goodnight to Spitty on another one.

Okay, here goes again.
It’s goodnight from me.
And it’s goodnight from him.

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I thought I’d do one a bit more specific Bruce. With the date and everything…
I find it easier to post about something I’ve done rather than what I think I might do. Sometimes life throws you a curved ball and the day doesn’t turn out how you thought it would…
I think I haven’t titled it properly. It’s not really intended to be a ‘Goodnight’ thread, more a summing up of the days activities. Saying ‘Goodnight’ seems a bit final as you depart the forum and sign off the day. I’ll think of a new title for tonight…Something like “A day in the lives of forum members on Sunday 4th February 2024”
Probably needs some work… :laughing:

I suppose you could always put what you did the previous day in the good morning one

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Yes you’re right Bruce, probably one too many daily threads…

It’s a good idea though to talk about what you did do today, rather than at the beginning and saying what you plan to do.
Not always the same thing.

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