Good nieghbours

We are very lucky having very good neighbours. One even came around this early evening with a bunch of flowers and easter eggs for both of us. this is a TY because Sue walks his dog when they are away for a day and I clean his gutters when need cleaning. Having said that none intrude in any means but a friendly chat on sight goes a long way. All are dog friendly as well and in our bit of Cal-de sac half have dogs anyway.

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Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold!
I have a youngish couple with two teenage children on one side and an elderly couple on the other - all friendly and good fun. Across the road lives one of my best friends, and next to her an Italian chef - who frequently shares food, recipes and Italian phrases!

Most of the families in the street are caring/sharing people of all ages - if I ever needed to I could confidently knock an any door and help would be given. It is so lovely to be able to say that and to be part of such a community


We have a total prat living next door all rest are very nice.

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I stay in a block of six flats and the two flats on the ground floor have young families who have never heard of giving consideration to others but for that matter athlough the profess undyying love for their children they smoke in their company or make half hearted attempts to limit the amon of smoke their kids are exposed to.


Good Neighbours are great, it only takes one bad one to make life hell unfortunately.


I don’t really want to get involved with the neighbours, know their names, do coffee, in and out of each other’s houses, best friends, do jobs for each other etc. Londoner alert! :rofl:

For me the “good” neighbours are those that are polite but keep themselves to themselves.

Those that maintain their home and garden and are respectful of others over things like recycling, bins, parking and noise.

But also tolerant of other people and not moaners, complainers or petition signers!

And those who keep an eye on what’s going and are willing to help in a crisis or if someone is struggling

That’s the type of neighbour I try to be


Neighbours? Love ours!
We have one elderly gentlemen to the left of us. He is somewhat disabled and we help him out. Tomorrow night I have invited him to dinner. He’s a really nice guy. He’s very polite and respectful.
He lives about 2/3 kilometres away.

Another 1/2 kilometre away are our seasonal friends/neighbours. They are a few years older than me. It’s a nice couple. He is great friends with my man. He helped my husband insulate his garage and my husband helped him insulate his. We have them all over for dinner parties occasionally. They actually live in the city 1 1/2 hours away.

A full kilometre away is another couple who we are just starting to get to know. She has lupus so has an autoimmune disease. Due to this reason I keep to phone calls only.

The man directly in front of us, about 1/2 a km away works out west every 2 weeks. We haven’t yet met him and might never. We are ok with that.

There’s a very old couple around the corner from us about a kilometre away. My husband gave them some freshly caught brown rainbow trout but I haven’t met them yet and probably won’t.

We like to get along with our neighbours but also respect their right to privacy. We don’t ever just drop by. It works for us.

I like to offer freshly baked goodies occasionally which is very welcomed by them. It’s a nice feeling.

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I have a different kind of neighbour here on the hill. In the centre of town, it was drama, gossip, bin wars, and so much negativity. Oh and the noise. But, my new neighbours are cheery and polite, and not intrusive at all. The children here actually play happily in the street and their parents join in on occasion. Honestly it feels a different world away from where I was before.

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We have very good neighbours here.
They are all nice and quite and friendly, if they see us outside in the front garden they will always stop and chat to us, we don’t invite each other into our homes but always chat and say hello.

Same here. To the side of our property is a footpath leading to another road/estate and it’s frequently used as a “rat run” by pedestrians and cyclists. Several times we’ve been greeted by complete strangers walking this footpath just to say hello as they pass by.

I have commented on this before. We also have brilliant neighbours. So many different things. It’s very much a community spirit. Sometimes just little things make us smile. Like this afternoon. Our bins for recycling were outside for the refuse truck. We were not at home at the time so our neighbour brought the bins in for us. As it happens, the reason we were not at home at the time we were getting some groceries for Ozzie’s mum.

It’s all good.

We have good neighbours but don’t go into each others houses. We keep a front door key for one of them just in case when he’s away the alarm goes off. It did last week when he was on holiday and he gave hubby instructions how to turn it off. He brought round a small box of chocolates from Italy for him just to say thank you, they are nice chocolate.

We are lucky, we only moved here 1 year today.
We live at the seaside in Corton, Lowestoft, and when its warm and sunny you will find me sitting on the bench in my front garden, where I can talk to my neighbours and all the holiday makers and I make plenty of friends with dogs, who seem to love me, they will make their way to my bench for cuddles.

No I don’t have good neighbours.

They thought they had right of way over my drive for turning etc. I got sick of it & did something about it & they were in uproar. One even threatened me that he would prevent me getting out of my garage.

There was a bust up but it calmed down eventually and I live with them in reasonable peace & harmony but not speaking.

There’s one couple I chat to when I see them but the rest I just ignore…

I wondered how things were progressing with them.

I live in a road with terraced houses and am slowly getting to know more of the neighbours, if only to nod hello to. There are some who don’t wish to get involved, as with most roads, but I will then leave them be, and acknowledge those who are happy to talk, say hello.

With busy lives, paths don’t always cross. There are still many who I don’t know or see, but Holly has been the ice breaker. Through her I get to talk to a fair few. She doesn’t care if they are a good or bad neighbour. She just wants a cuddle from them.