Good morning Wednesday April 27th

Good morning everyone, overcast here and quite chilly again, but no frost earlier thank goodness. Could really do with some rain though the garden is parched, whatever happened to "April showers "?

Just back from walking the dogs and having a well earned brew before cleaning the bathroom, then I’ll be cooking pork steak and trimmings for lunch.

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Good morning Barry and all who follow

I had a lovely day yesterday with our very own Lion Queen…we had a right good chat about you all :slight_smile:

Nothing planned for me today so I will just go where the day takes me…hopefully the sun will come out and I will be in the garden

Have a great day everyone

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Morning all.

I plan on having a lazy day. A bad start to my night, with some stomach pains (had had a tummy upset earlier in the morning). If I feel like it, might go back to bed later, and/or just potter about indoors.

Oooh Barry, don’t encourage the weather with April showers, please! I prefer it to stay dry for dog walking. My pre dog days are a distant memory, when I could stay at home all day if I felt like it, look through the windows at hammering rain and think ‘thank goodness I don’t have to go out in that!’ :laughing:

There were some suspicious dark clouds last night on Holly’s last walk, but we didn’t go out for long, thankfully.

More rain, worked on my 3D projects and scuttled from car port to house to try them out.

Received a letter from Service NSW telling me that I needed to see a doctor to get a medical for me to renew/continue my driving licence (I turn 75 soon), that cheered me up no end.

Ho Hum have a good one…

Good morning all :grinning: overcast and chilly here but no signs of rain.

I need to finish my Sainsbury’s grocery list for tomorrow’s delivery, so far from what I can see a few of the items are out of stock.

@Jazzi - I hope you tum will feel better soon…

Enjoy your day folks….

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Good morning everyone :smiley: its dull and chilly today.

I went to the physiotherapist on Monday, I don’t need to go again (a relief it is costing a fortune) but she will telephone in June to see how I am getting on. I have to keep up my 3 times a day exercisers and may be able to get rid of the acute pain but she thinks my other problem which restricts the time I can stand or walk is permanent but will be helped with excercise. For someone who is very active and loves walking this is quite a blow :frowning_face: I may see about having an x-ray but the wait to see a doctor and to book one could be long and my physio says confirmation of the condition won’t change anything.

I am off to plant some seeds shortly,french beans and runner beans inside and salad stuff in the big tubs outside. Thank goodness I put in raised beds, it makes life much easier because I can work kneeling down .

@Jazzi I hope your tummy is better soon Jazzi x

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Haha, you wouldn’t be saying that if you still had the allotment… :rofl:

Thanks all. And Meg, sorry to hear all is not well with you.

Barry, the problem with having the allotment was the weeds and grass that grew thanks to the rain and sun. I was actually glad to give it all up.

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