Good Morning Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Morning all!

It rained! :cloud_with_rain::dancing_women:(rain dance) My neighbors got quiet, and I took a blissful :sleeping: nap.

Yesterday flew by. I found a kid’s podcast that I may try to sleep by.

Plan for today is to finish my library videos and get more rest.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!

Nice & sunny today
I’m expecting a parcel delivery today, so I’m staying in at least until then
I don’t want to do anything too noisy or distracting in case I don’t hear the door knocker, so it’s an excuse to sit about reading and I’ll probably write a couple of proper pen & paper letters to friends.

Good morning all :wave:
Blue skies chilly breeze .
Taking my dog to the vets later today , he’s on medication for a pollen allergy, however last night he tore tuffs of fur from his back :astonished:
The poor little critter

Enjoy your day xxx

Good morning all, a beautiful warm sunny day :sun_with_face:

I will be out in the garden today, hopefully finishing the rest of my planting. It takes me twice as long to do these days! :grinning:

@Ripple - that must be so irritating for your poor dog, I hope the vet can help him.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning all. A bit dull here and a bit chilly.

I should imagine Janet is over the allotments now,

Went out to Gorleston this morning.

Have a nice day all.

thank you , he’s got antibiotics, with all the scratching it’s caused a skin infection
I am glad it wasn’t mange …as he sleeps on my bed :astonished:

Didn’t visit allotment till just now, to measure up the plot sizes. I want to order some new tarpaulins.

Bread was very nice.