Good Morning Wednesday, 3rd July 2024

Good Morning all, It has been a cold but fairly sunny morning however the southerly wind has been “brisk”. It rained overnight.

Great news! I have always wanted a water feature in my garden but now I have two, it is either feast or famine in god’s country:

My back is coming good, been taking ibuprofen for its anti inflammatory qualities today, my previous doctor was very keen on that and it does seem to work.

Anyway, while I get out and enjoy my new water features what are you up to?


G’d Day to yer Brucie Babe

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Morning all – a wet start to the day hopefully we will get some sun later

Glad to hear your back is starting to feel better Bruce – back pain can be so debilitating. Those “water features” remind me of where I used to live! The fields behind the cottage would get damaged by people who didn’t realise the lane was a dead end, drive into the field to turn around and plough up the surface. I lost count of the number of times I would have to call the farmer to bring his tractor and tow them out! :tractor:

The beast’s regular servants are due back today – so she, of course, left me one last little gift! :icon_evil: Surprisingly she went out after breakfast, despite the rain. Not sure when the neighbours are due back but they usually get back before her dinner needs to be served

I had planned to check out a new community group this morning but that will have to wait until next week as I am a bit wary about driving my car until it is checked out. :oncoming_automobile:

Lots to keep me busy today in any event, mostly boring stuff like housework, ironing etc. (oh joy!), although I have started yet another book!

Take care – have a great day


Good morning everyone. I always enjoy reading this thread and thought I’d have a go at contributing - although I don’t live such an interesting life as some on here seem to live! I am sitting in my car at the moment waiting to go into the hairdresser. I always seem to be early for appointments these days, I have a dread of being late so I find myself being extremely early - not helped by the fact that all of the traffic lights I encountered were green, of course had I have been late they would have surely all been red!
After the hairdresser I shall do my weekly visit to Waitrose. I usually use the self service machines there because they only seem to have one cashier counter on duty. However, the last time I visited they had enlarged the self service part and replaced the usual machines with new ones which seem to me to be more complicated - why do they do that? If it ain’t broke don’t mend it is my motto!
Then home to lunch and an afternoon gardening, if it doesn’t rain - if it does I’ll pick up my book for the afternoon.
See, I told you my life isn’t as interesting as some of yours :grinning:
Have a good Wednesday every one - better go or I’ll be late for my appointment!


Welcome to the morning thread Margaret - look forward to you posting - what book are you reading (I am an avid reader myself!)

An update - my neighbours texted, they are having to catch a later flight so won’t be back until early evening so I will be serving dinner to the beast after all!


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :shopping_cart:
Done the Tesco on my own this morning, Mrs Fox has still got the hump on with me and gone orf to town on her favourite pastime…Shoppin’ :frowning_face:
I should warn all the charity shops, Incoming Grumpy lass!
I haven’t been on my walk yet so I’ll go just as soon as I finish on here.
Spending five minutes sat in the car turning off all the non-essential driver aids…Stop/Start and automatic door locks etc I wondered who thought a car would be better with computer and bloody great screen to mess with while yer driving. Apart from walking and engine management, It’s like taking the most simplest form of transport (It used to be simple to me anyway) and turning it into the starship enterprise where only a mechanic with a degree in physics dare to lift up the bonnet … :009: At the end of the day, it gets most people to work, the local shops or a run out to the seaside, and it keeps the rain off yer head…Madness… :crazy_face:

Good morning Margaret and it’s good to see you here. Don’t ever think you are boring, it’s great to hear your adventures, it’s what keeps the forum and the good morning thread going…However mundane life may seem to you, people love to read about each others day to day activities, I certainly do.


I am just about to start ‘Death under a little sky’ by Stig Abell, the first crime novel by this author I believe. I enjoy crime novels, especially those by Lisa Jewell, one of which I finished yesterday. I sometimes think that if the need arose I could plan the perfect murder :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: What sort of books do you enjoy Sheila?


@Bruce, big thumps up for ibuprofen, I don’t know what I would have done without it when I had my sciatic nerve causing me 6 weeks of agony/half crippled, a few years ago.


Can’t say I know those authors - will put them on my list! I also like crime novels - Lee Childs my favourite (before he started writing with his brother). I also recently found an author, Kerry J Donovan, read all 12 of a series he wrote. Currently reading the third in the Gabe Devlin series written by James Carver


Oh dear Foxy what did you do to upset Mrs.F? If she has gone shopping while annoyed with you, I think your next credit card statement could come as a bit of a shock! :astonished:


Good morning, good morning! The Land of Forum sounds productive this morning; sometimes the best days are those that are right down the middle. Good to have you here, @MargaretF and to read about your day. I didn’t know what Waltrose was, so I looked it up, and found - right down to the color - that the store and website are very similar to Publix (ugly name though), the largest grocer in Florida. I don’t know about you, but I love my six-week visit to the salon because it feels like a mini-break.

All you need is a chaise lounge and an umbrella drink, and you are all set. Just make sure you are facing the view :rofl:.

Sheila, you have been a noble host to Cat. I am sure you are ready for a group. Your new group sounds intriguing; you’ll have to let us know hot that goes when you finally attend. That feeling of not being able to trust a car is the worst and is a feeling that most of us women can relate to.

Oh, grief! Isn’t that the truth! I fuss all the time that when I was younger, all I needed to do to use my oven was to twist the dial to “Bake” and the temperature and it was all set! Now I need an engineering degree, three hands, and an hour for the hot box to pre-heat to get it ready to go. I don’t think the term “Over-engineering” was even a thing until the `1990s. Grrrrrrr. I hope your walk is ever an enjoyable one!

The radar shows that we are sitting under a lump of storms, and the tree frogs are fussing, but it hasn’t rained - yet. I managed to get in a short run, so I feel a bit victorious over my lazy brain this morning! Tomorrow is Independence Day, so I am off to buy the ingredients for tomorrows big picnic of burgers, potato salad, barbecue beans, a blueberry-peach crisp, and homemade vanilla ice cream. Don’t you sometimes wonder how things would have been if the Colonists had been given seats in Parliament and mended fences with George III?

Enough low-electricity cerebral meanderings; the demands of the day are cracking the whip.

Have a happy day!


Get that shit on Chelsea

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It is good to see you post in here, I suspect mundane is good, it is just a quiet pleasure reading about what others are doing each day. We can’t all have new water features every day :wink:

@OldGreyFox what did you say to her?

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Our kitchen is very small Bruce and we always seem to want to occupy the same space…
sometimes it boils over into conflict… :062:

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