Good Morning Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Good morning to you all from a lovely, warm and sunny Riverina (though to be honest the wind has nip to it (only 23°)

In my in box tyhis morning was the exciting news that Bridgerton is coming to Bowral in the Southern Highlands, home of P L Travers and Don Bradman, which makes the connection to Bridgerton obvious. :interrobang:

Spent the morning wandering the streets of Lockhart, it has a collection of street art which are quite interesting, Picked up some free postcards from the visitor centre to send to my kids and grandkids.

This arvo am going for a drive around the area.

Have a good day youse all. (slipped into the vernacular there)

Good morning, all,

Planning to go in the office about 7 hours from now, walk to Starbucks during lunch at mall, and start getting ready for hopefully a Friday outing. Here’s to April 3rd!

Bruce, I just looked up Lockhart, nice! reminded me of small towns in Texas, but more structured/new…some similarities though. From the vintage parts of Tyler, Tx, where I grew up:


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Morning all - damp this morning (the weather not me!) but we are promised some sun for later.

I am also a fan of street art Bruce, although hate the mindless “tagging”

Started my cat servant duties this morning, I was late going in to give her breakfast so she punished me by throwing up under the conservatory table! :smirk_cat: She also refused to go out so will have to pop back in later when (or if) the sun comes out.

Carpenter arrived yesterday and had some interesting and good suggestions for the cabinet I want made - now just waiting for his quote

Before they went away my neighbours called in with cakes, chocolate, crisps and wine! With the cakes they gave me the other day and the chocolates I have left over from my birthday my fridge holds more “bad” stuff than real food!

Only plan today is some shopping and ironing

Take care - have a great day everyone

An early morning walk and then groomed by the groomer. Smells good !

Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :smile:
I bet you wondered where I was?..
Had an early appointment at the dentist yesterday so didn’t get much chance to look in or do a walk. Haven’t been to the dentist since 2019 before covid so there’s a bit of work to do…££££££££££££ He’s a new bloke called Paulo, sounds Italian. Did an x-ray and condemned one tooth, either that or root canal work (you must be joking) and several fillings where some had dropped out and others had broken. Teeth don’t get an easy ride in my mouth, but as long as he can make them last another 20 years I doubt I’ll be needing them after that. With a bad heart it might be sooner rather than later…
Anyway, I’m off to put my heart through it’s paces now with a swift 5 miler. I don’t normally walk on a Wednesday but with missing yesterday’s walk, I can’t go 2 days… :man_walking: