Good Morning Wednesday 30th August 2023

Morning all!

Been sleeping a lot, but still not feeling like I’m caught up with rest. Still feels like there’s so much to do.

Plan for today is to rest more.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning all, sunny here.

Off into Gorleston this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone…

I have little Stanley staying at the moment…Danny my 10yr old grandson is coming home from France today he has been fishing with his dad and also visiting war grave sites so he understands the gravity and consequences of war. He is here with me tomorrow so he will tell me all about it and about the fish that got away :smile:

Had new gates fitted yesterday…they look nice…I’ll take a picture later

Have a good day everyone


Good morning all,
rain in the night we now have sunshine , done some gardening .I need to tackle the front .

@summer Id love to see your new gates , I cannot make my mind up whether to have Wooden or metal . I suppose in the end it will be down to cost .

Have a good day everyone .

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Morning all.

Holly seems better this morning so I will chance leaving her later, and go into town. Her insurers paid out already and it is in my account,

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A nice but cool day forecast.

A bad night again and two of my carers are sick with the flu big we have here.

A photo of summers new gates.


Good morning!
Bright & sunny …

…which is frustrating as I’ve woken up feeling cold, sneezing, sniffly, and shivering
We are very nearly into September, and fast approaching the end of summer, and i had a couple of things I’d like to do -

Go to Manchester for a day to have a browse round Chinatown and a few other shops
Go to East Yorkshire for a few days to visit a couple of museums and generally cruise around

So it looks like both of these will be put off till next week - Huh!

Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :frowning_face:
Had a bad night with an inflamed and swollen ankle …again!
As soon as the five days of steroids wore off it came back again.
Couldn’t do my walk this morning and shuffled round the Tesco doing the weekly shop.
Going to the hospital later for some blood tests if they can find any…Can’t seem to get warm these days…
Love the new gates that Swimmy posted a picture of Summer…

I dont see any Gates , its just a small square :slightly_frowning_face:Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 11.18.43


Click on the little square Eliza.

:rofl: :rofl: you bugger ,I thought i was missing out .
very nice i want some just like them .

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Here you go Eliza…Harrogate can be a trifle posh…



Ha ha swimmy…cheeky man x