Good Morning Wednesday 2nd March

Morning all.

Grey and a bit damp here in Bristol. No plans that way it doesn’t spoil the surprise. :grinning:

Morning everyone! A fine bright day, but very chilly.

No plans other than to do an online food shop and go for a walk.

Have a lovely day everybody! :wave:

Morning all.

Apart from dog walks, and eating and drinking, I shall fiddle about indoors. I tried to find some CDs recently, and weren’t able to, so could spend the whole day turning the house upside down in the hunt.

Damp is a bit of an understatement, my area received 100mm yesterday in 24 hours. then this morning in six hours received 30mm, I emptied my rain gauge because it only holds up to 65mm. I haven’t been out all day it has not stopped raining at all.

Warragamba Dam started to spill over at 2am according the this morning’s news.

More rain tomorrow then it should start to move further south. I hope it will warm up too only reached 22°to 24°C for the last week but the clouds stopped it cooling at night so it only got down to 19°C. Terrible summer I hope the Autumn is warmer but two days in it is not encouraging.

Have a good one

Good morning everyone, damp and cold here today and not forecast to change until after dark, so looks like being a day pottering inside and I’ll cook a macaroni cheese for lunch.

Have a pleasant day if you can. :blush:

Morning all, not a very nice day outside.
Just waiting to see if a Nurse turns up to change my wound dressing.
Cooking dinner, decided to be a bit more adventrious with Chicken breast cut into thick strips marinated in BQ sauce with onions, peppers, garlic, ginger, five spice, mixed herbs, chillie with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Have a nice day all.

Good Morning all.
Drizzly, grey, and chilly so far this morning.

The dogs have been out, breakfast finished (theirs and mine), wild birds fed, and now just sitting down with my second cuppa before I nip off for an x-ray this morning. Then back home, and a nice bowl of soup for lunch me thinks.

Toodle pip.

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: another chilly, damp and dreary day here.

No plans so another day of pottering around indoors.

Enjoy your day folks….

Damp and a bit grey here in Mexborough. Quite the opposite of Bristol. :blush:

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Good wet morning all

How is life treating you all?

Work this afternoon and feel rough a headache brewing I think which is not like me don’t have normal headaches as such, hope its not foretelling of a Cluster headache attack.

I do wonder having spoken to a friend and he mentioned having a nagging headache if it the unconscious worry of World events.

Have a good day all.

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I hope your headache clears soon, @Kazz …… :crossed_fingers:

Good morning everyone :smiley: cold dark and wet outside again and not looking forward to my walk through the mud with Chloe.

I have done my Waitrose order for Friday and am going to do some online shopping for bits and pieces.

Enjoy your day , :slightly_smiling_face:

@Kazz I hope your headache is better soon Kazz, I had one lasting 2 days at the weekend very annoying,

Just finished work now dads . Brought him his Wednesday fish and scraps so he’s a happy chappie :grin:

When I leave here I’m going home to set johns insulin and I’m going to have a nap. I barely slept last night and I’m really tired. Cancelled meeting my friend for a coffee catch up.

Susie how are you doing??

Kazz hope you arent having cluster migraines, my husband suffers them and they are awful. Get well soon .

Its wet, dark, dreary and dismal here today. Need some sunshine

Hope you all manage to have a nice day.
X x x

I didn’t have a very good morning. :frowning_face:

I was supposed to go for an x-ray at 10.30, but only about half a mile down my road I could hear my car sounding ‘rumbly.’ I suspected it might be a tyre, so pulled in. I found the back tyre flat as a pancake, right on the rim.

LImped slowly to a friend’s house a couple of hundred yards away, and luckily they were home, and hubby quickly whisked me off to keep my appointment.
When we got back, he pumped the tyre up enough to get me to the nearby garage, but within a few hundred yards it had gone down again!
Luckily we just got there, as it was down on the rim again.
They found a nail stuck in it, and the tyre had split, so another unexpected bill to pay.

Eventually all done, and I dropped my friend back to his house, and very grateful I was for his kindness and helping me not miss my appontment. :+1:

I have just baked his two dogs some nice Tuna bikkies as a treat. :grinning:

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You’re a day late, Mups.

Sorry to hear that Mups. Times I have had that happening to me.

What d’yer mean, Harbal?
It is still Wednesday, aint it? :grinning:

Oops, the penny’s dropped now. :smiley:

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Thanks Jazzi.
I am just glad I found it before I got to the dual carriageway!

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@Mags @Meg Thanks

@LionQueen Yes they are the ones I have the term “headache” is understating by miles. Had them for about 16 years or so now they are totally totally unbearable when they strike I have had in the past to keep oxygen at home to help with the pain and although I usually have Sumatriptan injections HOWEVER if the first sumatriptan injection does not help, you should not take another one for the same attack. If it does help you can take another injection in a hour. So you are literally in agaony.

empathise with your husband terrible terrible condition. I am a member of OUCH UK you can access their site for help without joining just saying.