Good Morning Wednesday 27th October

Good afternoon now, no one had posted this thread this morning, so I have just done it.

Have been to the Vampire Blood Bank this morning had lots of blood taken from me, 1 container for Diabetes and 3 other for Full Blood Count Low Platelets.

Now I am cooking Duck.

Have a nice day all.

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A belated good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a dark day again and I have been snuggled in the kitchen making mince meat and testing a lentil cracker recipe .

Lunch then out with Chloe , enjoy your day .

Good morning OFC. :grinning:

Good afternoon all :slightly_smiling_face: a dull day here.

Finished all the morning chores and have my eye on sweeping up all the fallen leaves this afternoon if it doesn’t rain.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Good afternoon everybody! Busy painting the hall this morning (or myself, given the amount of splatters I have on me). Its lashing down yet again today…I can’t remember how the sun feels anymore :frowning: Anyway, have a lovely rest of the day :wave:

Good afternoon all.

Back from a good dog walk, relaxing with a cuppa and the telly, and will do Holly’s dinner in a bit. She ate rather a lot of her biscuits earlier, so think she was hungry. I did worm her today, as she was due.

And a good afternoon from me too, but I’ve no idea why people are so reticent to start the morning thread yet very often are quite happy to reply to it… :thinking:

Had a good day here with our eldest daughter (who has just completed her treatments for breast cancer) visiting us for a celebratory curry lunch. Just regular hormone injections for her now apparently and an annual check up, so her life can thankfully now get back to something like normal… :clinking_glasses:

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

For me, I think its more of stepping on toes when someone has done it for a while. Silly I know, but still… being respectful. :+1:

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The thread is no-one’s personal domain @PixieKnuckles , please feel free to start the thread anytime you wish to… :+1:

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