Good Morning - Wednesday 22nd Sept

Good Morning everyone - and Good Afternoon to Australian members.

Gloriously bright Full ‘Harvest’ Moon here last night - really lovely - could not resist kick starting the old besom and going out for a quick flitter about. Made sure I was masked and gloved though - special ones that matched my pointy hat !

Will be busy in the kitchen today - one of my neighbours brought me a heap of rhubarb, another one had harvested her Bramley’s and was selling them at her gate. They are always lovely and I could not resist. Now what does one do with 10lbs of Bramley’s?

Have a fun day.

Trying to figure out why someone on Bake Off is now considered to be a celebrity. Someone called Ruby Bhogal was on Richard Osman’s House of Games and when I Googled her it seems she baked some stuff.

Need to pop down to Ldil and get some mixed nuts for my squirrel friends apar from that nothing much is planned.

Thankyou.We had a bit of a shock this morning.

If you are a witch could you keep the apples for Haloween?

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Another sunny day but still cool.

God is a bit cross with the Mexicans south of the border.

Anyway don’t get too shook up today.

Scary stuff! We occasionally have earthquakes here - but not on that scale, thank goodness.

Australia had quite a biggie it seems.

Good morning all, another dry and warm day ahead they say but every one’s a bonus this time of year so no complaints :sunglasses:

Just a bit of gardening on my agenda today, there’s always a job out there if you want one.

Hope ever is well and that you have a pleasant day :blush:

My BH said the earth really moved for her this time.I don’t know what she meant by that.

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Perhaps they were referring to this? :rofl:

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Good morning everyone! Its quite windy and Autumny up here this morning, but its warmish. Today’s schedule involves a creative project to do, a medical check up later today, and some food shopping on the way home.

Shocked to read about the earthquake in Australia, I hope everyone stays safe.

Have a lovely day everybody :smiley:

They reported that it was felt in Sydney and Canberra but I didn’t feel a thing here. There was an earthquake in Sydney when I lived there in the early 70s which I slept through and a more destructive one in Newcastle in the 80s that killed many people.

I was in an earthquake in 1972 in Kabul which I definitely felt and rushed down two flights of stairs out into the street. They are quite frightening

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: another lovely day and I am hoping to do some little jobs in the garden while the weather lasts.

I think I did too much yesterday and got over tired and had another strange night.

Chloe got signed off yesterday which is great, she had the stiches taken out of her foot and her eyebrow so has lost the rather fetching purple strands over her eye. She is still wearing a boot outdoors for a few days.

Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:


Morning all from the West Country nice sunny day here planned to mow the grass. Management has other ideas. Hey ho

Good morning everyone, another beautiful day here in Devon. Got to take my car in for a service this morning. Have to admit I’ve been very lax during the pandemic, and not had it serviced regularly, mainly down to being reluctant for a long time to let someone handle it. Anyway, yesterday I got a notification on the screen that there is an ‘engine malfunction’, which is a bit of a catch all for anything that needs urgent attention, so in it goes today!

Pretty shocked to hear about the earthquake in Australia - do hope all our Aussie friends on here are safe.

Have a good day folks :blush:

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: another beautiful sunny day and the garden beckons…

I have some plants to go in the troughs and still need to some winter pansies to go in the baskets.

@Bruce and all our Aussie friends, it’s worrying to hear about the earthquake…… I hope you all stay safe.

Enjoy your day folks…

@Meg I’m pleased to read Chloe has got the all clear and was signed off yesterday, you will both be able to enjoy your walks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Morning all.

Great news about Chloe, it never fails to amaze me how our animals heal so well, but thank goodness they do! :hugs:


Excellent day again today went over and took photographs I had found from a holiday of my late best friend over to her son my Godson (30) he is coping better than we all thought given he is prone to clinical depression and has been hospitalised previously with it he said he is trying.

He lived with his Mom and now has hid own flat a ground floor one that means he has a garden I am going back Friday to help him cut the grass and provide the mower and support.

He seemed chatty for him and offered me tea/coffee. As I left he said “Thanks Auntie Karen” Awwww took me back to when he was 4 or 5 God I love that kid and miss his Mom loads so pleased he has moved as I do not think I could of gone back into their house without her being there so good he has moved too.

@Mags seems you feel better today, that’s good how is Mr Mags?

@Meg Great news but you need to take it slightly differently I will not say slower how is the medication suiting you?

@MrFraggle67 I think to be a celebrity all you need to do is breath these days.

Have a great day everyone and I hope for the best for all those who are affected by the earthquake

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I was on Crackerjack many many many years ago does that make me a ‘celeb.’