Good Morning Wednesday, 22nd May 2024

Good morning happy folks, it’s mid week

Another warm and sunny day. Today I am in Katherine, I hope she doesn’t mind. Going to stay for a couple of days before heading south. Might take the trip out to Katherine Gorge tomorrow, it has an aboriginal name now but can’t remember what it is, N something.

Hope all of you are happy and having a very good morning.


Good morning Bruce and every one. I can see a bit of blue sky, but white clouds, too. I hope we don’t get any more rain, or my cherries will be ruined.
@Bruce it’s interesting how there are so many locations in Australia with girls’ names: Adelaide, Victoria,and now you’re at Katherine.
Have a good stay.


Morning all – heavy rain last night and more forecast for the rest of the day possibly with thunder – don’t think I will be venturing far today! :cloud_with_rain:

The black dog has been evicted and hopefully will not return for quite a while. Unfortunately when it arrives it also brings its close friend gluttony :blush:

Lunch with sister in law yesterday was lovely. We went to her favourite pub where I had the best lasagne I have had this side of Italy! (Italian food is one of my many weaknesses!)

Due to the weather today I think my day will consist of ironing this morning, some dusting and then spend the afternoon reading whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee (another weakness) :coffee:

Take care – hope everyone has a lovely day


Good morning! I have plenty to do today, hopefully managing to avoid the neighbours up the road who are doing their driveway. Buzzing drills have been background noises for a while now :frowning:

Its cooler today, which is nice…going for a walk, catching up on housework, food shopping and attending to the cats every whimsy, as he so chooses. :laughing:


just been for a walk and the legs ok but my head is spinning a bit as if one has a cold


What more could a bloke want on a rainy day…
Hot buttered crumpets for breakfast, and some brilliant company on the worlds best forum…Love you all… :hugs:


I had to look it up:

Katherine got its name after the Katherine River, which was named by explorer John McDouall Stuart in 1862 after his sponsor’s (James Chambers) daughter.

The crossing of the Katherine River at Knott’s Crossing was made famous in Mrs Jeannie Gunn’s novel, We of the Never Never.


Good morning!

Bruce, Katherine looks like an inviting little town with an interesting river gorge. So many of the places you are visiting look like the small towns in the plains states - Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. They are situated so the downtowns run north and south with wide main streets, to accommodate the cattle drives from Texas They don’t have palm trees though, since they suffer from brutally cold winters.

I am glad you are feeling better, Sheila and I hope you have as pleasant a day as PK has planned.

What’s a crumpet, Bob :smile:? It’s not as dire as it sounds; I do know what they are, I just have never tasted one. I know, I know…I need to get out more.

It’s sunny and hot here, and I am off to run errands. Memorial Day weekend is just about upon us, which promises to be the second busiest weekend of the year. I am off to fill the house with enough ingredients for a small barbecue on Saturday but plan to otherwise stay at home until - the coast is clear!

Have a fine day!


Thanks for this explanation @Bruce, she must have been very important to him for having the river named after her.


The cherries are just coming in here, too. Let us know how yours do!

Many years ago, I gave my dad a cherry tree for his birthday. The very first year, my dad babied that tree and watched and waited for the cherries to be just right for picking. One morning, he got up and the birds had eaten every last one. He thought that so funny (particularly the mental image of himself standing there, arms hanging at his sides, mouth agape staring at where the cherries used to be), that he designated the fruit from that tree to be left the birds from then on. Every year, he told the story on himself. It’s been a few years now since his death and we still leave the cherries for the birds.


I think you will find a lot of Australian towns etc are named after Pommies with clout. Lord Melbourne, Lord Sydney, Queen Adelaide, Queen Victoria and so on.

A lot by mistake Alligator River, East Alligator River (Australia doesn’t have any alligators)

The rest are local famous people like Macquarie or Aboriginal names eg Wollongong, Woolloomooloo etc

Ours aren’t north south but they are wide, I am told it is to allow bullock trains to turn round without unharnessing.

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Excellent. That makes sense.


That’s a sweet story about your dad @Surfermom. The birds must be delighted.
We also have problems with the birds pecking at our cherries, but the weather is the worst menace. Lately it has gone crazy, rainy and very windy which means our little fruits are being damaged or knocked off the trees! I used to be able to make jam with them, unfortunately I can’t see a good harvest this year, yet again. :confused:


I’ve resisted the urge to post a wiki explanation Surfer, a bit too formal, and you could have done that yourself. So here is my explanation, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak… :nerd_face:
(1) A ‘crumpet’ is like a round squidgy bread cake full of holes for all the butter to melt into. They should be buttered hot…A bit like me… :sunglasses:
When I was a boy we used to call them picklets (pronounced Pie Clets) but they seem to have been renamed these days to ‘Crumpets’ Or picklets could have just been a South Yorkshire term…Either way, they are very tasty… :yum:
(2) Crumpet…A very desirable girl or woman, singular…Or plural…
We are a very strange people here in a South Yorkshire pit village…And you will laugh at this one Surfermom…
When I was a little lad in short pants and still in junior school, I was asked what did I think stars were by my best friend? I replied that they were planets in space that reflected the light of the sun back to earth, just like the moon does…
He laughed, and told me they were in fact suns billions of miles away and produced their own light just like our sun does…I don’t think I spoke to him for weeks after that… :009:


These are what I know as Pikelets, they are a very Aussie thing, like crumpets you can buy a packet of them in the supermarket or you can make your own


OGF, I will add crumpets (the tea and breakfast sort) to the lengthy list of reasons to travel to the UK someday, while add the other to your list of reasons to head to whichever part of the world is calling. I would argue that my definition would be the better one, but like your friend, I suspect you might want to set me straight :face_with_monocle:.

I suppose I will just have to settle for pancakes and English muffins.


Well, this seems to be a geometric conundrum. If you make them a little thinner with a wider diameter, I would call those pancakes, on which only maple :maple_leaf: :pancakes: syrup would do.

Now I’m starving.