Good Morning Wednesday 21st June 2023

Morning all!

Another day of rest yesterday. I’m so grateful for the beautiful weather. I’ve been trying to regroup and get some notes together to help make sense of last weekend. This is taking longer than I thought.

I’ll have to wing it again today as well.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!
Nice & sunny again

I’m going to a social group this morning; some people play cards or dominoes, but me and a few others just drink tea & chat

in the afternoon it’ll be general tidying and clearing a couple of bits of letters & forms that always seem to turn up at regular intervals and keep being put off

Hi good morning

Lovely sunny start
Today I’m leaving Shropshirefor Wales.
Weve managed to dodge most of the rain drops and had a wonderful stay .
Unbelievably Shropshire has No POTHOLES , empty roads and glorious countryside. I shall be back :heart:
Attingham Park… walled gardens
Fabulous chandelier I like bling
Beautiful woman

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Morning folks.

Love the gardens.

Hoping for a time on the allotment today.


Good Morning All.

Nice and sunny, no more storms due.

A nightmare of a morning on the phone to HSBC, apparently Taiwan is not on the list so unable to send some money to a bank account there.

On the bright side of things, I can now move a little better after my setback last week and intend to get down the bottom of the garden to see what needs doing.

Have a good day all.