Good Morning Wednesday 20th October

Good Morning/Afternoon everyone! Looks like some sunshine is heading up here and no rain, which will make a pleasant change. Still working on the kitchen, trying to give it a little refresh before Christmas. My eye isn’t quite so bad now that I’m leaving it alone, either. Hope everybody has a lovely day! :wave:

Good Morning everyone,

Raining here - due to stay all day. Have to go the Post Office when it opens - apart from that I am hibernating!

@PixieKnuckles - good to hear your eye is improving!

Have a safe day

Good morning everyone

Still dark here in Yorkshire…nothing planned for me today but if I feel OK (after the booster jab yesterday) I might repot some plants that have got too big for their pots

Have a good day everyone


Good Morning All.

A strange day today.

Both Paula and Wendy are here, they have very different ideas.

I am swapping them around next Tuesday, they will both be here

One 17 year old and one 6year old daughters.#

This will be fun.

Have a good day all.

Good morning all, not raining here yet but forecast to start anytime.

Just waiting for it to get light before taking the dogs out, such high risk taking out a black dog into a dark forest during the hours of darkness, I really must get some luminous paint so we can see where he is… lol. Some more flat pack furniture to put together then later on but nothing else planned yet.

Good to hear the eye has improved Pixie. :+1:

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Good morning all, its pouring of rain here.
Not going out anywhere today.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning everybody.

No plans for today but will discuss it with Tony when he wakes up. He’ll probably want to go for a little walk.

I don’t want to speak too soon but the trapped nerve in my back seems a bit better this morning - still there but not so bad. I’d say about 50% better. I live in hope that all the hard work & exercises I have done for it have paid off…

Good to know your eye’s improving Pixie.

Have a good day everyone…

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Good morning folks :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a lovely Spring day. We had soft rain all last night and the air this morning is so crisp and cool for my morning in the car.

Everything has changed from being dry and dead to a feast of greenery!

@PixieKnuckles I am glad you’re feeling better

Glad to hear you are 50% better Carol.

Morning all. Raining here, and getting heavier. Oh so not looking forward to taking out the dog.

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Good morning all :slight_smile:


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Absolutely hammering down now, but bright skies front and back.


Good morning all, another rainy day, but only light rain. Might go to Hobbycraft later if my knee will allow it. It is a whole lot better than it was, but still fragile - I’m having to walk very carefully, and using the stairs is fraught with danger!

@PixieKnuckles - I’m pleased to see your eye is finally improving, and @carol - good to see your trapped nerve is getting better at long last.

Enjoy your day everyone :blush:

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: heavy rain during the night has stopped but there are still some threatening black clouds around.

I have an hour appointment with the dentist this morning, two fillings needed. Not looking forward to that at all.

Enjoy your day….

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: what strange weather torrential rain interspersed with sunny spells and sudden wind flurries.

I had my hair cut yesterday and look a fright so am off for a shower and hair wash then after doing some cleaning I have a letter to write.

Enjoy your day

@carol Good to hear you are feeling better…

Good morning all I hope this finds you well :kissing_heart:

It’s stormy weather waves are crashing on the beach .
The Isle of Wight has vanished I think it might of sunk !

A very good morning all from a rather damp Weald. Got a visit to the barbers for a much needed trim later so let’s hope it stays dry enabling me to walk into town instead of catching a bus.

That is good to hear, Carol, I hope it continues to improve.

Just like here when we got up this morning but without the blue skies. Now the sun is out, the wind is picking up :frowning_face: