Good Morning Wednesday 1st September 2021


First of the month.

Bank account about to be hit with direct debits.

I am one my own today, so will be taking things easy.

Main thing today will be trying to link my mobile to the laptop so I can post some photos.

Have a good day all.

Good morning Swims and all who follow…

Overcast here in Yorkshire I have the windows open but the bird’s are not singing so loudly this morning…I wonder why that happens…sometimes they are so loud you can’t hear yourself think :slight_smile:

I have a couple of builders coming around later to look at possibly building the extension…everything takes so long its driving me crazy just getting estimates is a major job in itself

Anyway I will stop moaning…have a good day everyone and good luck with the phone Swimmy

Good morning all, its dull and miserable outside.
We seem to have two Good Morning Threads going.
Got a Decorator coming this morning at 8.30am this morning.
Have a nice day all.

It’s OFFICIALLY SpRiNg in South Africa!!!

Can I get a whoop,whoop!



good morning, overcast and miserable looking, but need to get the lawns mowed

Good morning all.

Good morning - Overcast and dry like it has been for days now. A walk along to the doctors soon, accompanying Mrs mart for a blood test. Allotment later maybe. Our daughter is still with us from the family gathering at the week-end. She won’t be flying home until Sunday.

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: another dull day…

I am going to do some cleaning this morning.
I went to my ‘old’ hairdresser yesterday and she cried thinking the worst might have happened when I hadn’t been for so long :astonished: I explained that when I rang to book I was told ‘dry trims are no loner available’ and I am in the vulnerable category and too scared to spend hours in there even with a mask. She said in future say I have special permission :astonished: so I got my dry cut.

I am off into the garden to see if there are any French beans ready and to dig up my my first root of fennel for a salad. I am going to miss my home grown vegetables in the winter I don’t have any late ones planted this year.

Enjoy your day… :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning all, a little dull today, and cooler than of late, but it’s dry so that’s something at least!

Spent most of yesterday feeling rather unwell. Nothing specific, just very weary, headachy and slightly wobbly. Went to bed about 4.00pm for an hour and a half, which made a little difference but not much. Obviously kept my eye on my temperature, and did an LFT, which was negative. Feeling better today, but still don’t feel 100%.

Going out tonight with all the family (8 of us) for a delayed get together to celebrate our Golden Wedding last Saturday.

Meg that’s good news about your hairdresser. How lovely of her to be so understanding!

Have a good day everyone. :blush:

Good morning everyone :slight_smile: Have a wonderful day all.


Here too but I didn’t want to rub it in.

Good morning :slightly_smiling_face: a brighter morning to start September, hopefully we will have some better weather this month.

Cleared out most of garden pots yesterday so a trip to the Garden Centre is in the offing looking for replacement plants for the winter months.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face: