Good Morning Wednesday 1st November 2023

Morning all!

Halloween is over. As I thought, it was very quiet. Even with kids running around, I wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Just goes to show how loud my horrible neighbor is. Normal noise can’t even be heard.

My library has a couple services that offer tv shows, movies, ebooks and audiobooks online. At the end of every month, the credits expire. I borrowed a bunch of stuff before the credits expired as I do at the end of every month. Just a bit of fun.

Today I hope to watch some of the movies and tv shows I borrowed. The movies and tv shows expire after 3 days. The audiobooks last for 21 days so no rush there.

Have a good day everyone.


Good Morning All.

I have yet to sleep, been awake all night.

I have had the maximum amount of Morphine I can take and I have a very important home visit today, any time from 9 til 4 this afternoon which I must be awake for.

Have a good day all.

Good morning
That is awful it would drive me nuts .What does he do play loud music or what ?
Hope your day gets better

Morning swims
I am sorry to hear you had such a bad night.
Try and have a little nap now .

Morning all.

Busy here for a large part of the early evening, (trick or treating) so all I could hear was the doors either side of me creaking or slamming. Argh!! Glad when it all calmed down.

I might go to the library today, return everything, start again. And draw some money out as one pension has gone in. At least this month I might be able to save something. Several big bills last few weeks.

Good morning all.

Off into Gorleston this morning, need more food.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning!
Wet & windy here!

This morning I’m going to a local community centre for a coffee & chat, I haven’t been for a while

This afternoon I’ll be catching up with tidying and odd jobs

Good morning all
Rained in the night ,soddened garden .
I only heard a few T.O.T last night , the 2 houses opposite had put out Pumpkins ,I had no callers , so Ive Chocolate bars to last me the week .

Im being taken out for a Pub lunch tomorrow , not sure what to wear , but im looking forward to it .

Have a good day

Morning everyone from Foxy’s Gaff… :hedgehog:
spotted this little chap working the lawn for grubs while I supped my nightly mug of hot water…
Rest day today…
Plenty of rain during the night but windy and fine now.
Done the Tesco already so the rest of the day is my oyster…
Lets see what mischief I can get up to…