Good Morning Wednesday 19th April 2023

Morning all!

Finished a huge task for the day! The rest of the day is mine! :grin:

Still slightly overcast which I’m happy about.

Have a good day everyone.

Afternoon Butterscotch.

We have been out this morning to Gorleston Town, got a few bits I need, back home now, but its very cold and gale force wind here.

Have a nice day all.

High Awl.
We had a long walk then my wife went to say hello to Ozzie’s mum. She can’t walk and the has to have carers three times a day. Her son takes her out for lunch quite often so that gets her out of the house from time to time.

Morning all.

I have been out in the garden putting together my Wilko potting bench. No instructions but I got there eventually. I have struggled to get it into the shed as I want to paint it at some point. I think the wood is weather proof but I want to preserve it.

Lunch now cooking, lamb shank, potatoes and veg.