Good morning Wednesday 16th March

Good morning all, nice and sunny here.
off out to Gorleston today and buying Fish and Chips for lunch.
Have a nice day all.

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Good morning.

Not sure yet what I will do. Need to have a think.

Morning all, thick cloud here today, looks dreary and totally uninspiring.

Nothing planned really, but I might take myself off to a little fabric shop in the town for a couple of lengths of polyester and other things I have ideas for.

Have a lovely day everyone :blush:

Good morning everybody!

Grey day today, but some sunshine is promised later. We’ll see :roll_eyes: Going to make some chocolate chip cookies later :cookie: and collect some meds from the chemist. Oh and I have a new duvet set coming from Amazon…its a bit bright and bohemian :flushed: I’ll be glad when my Prime trial finishes, I can tell you…moving house & Amazon are not a good mix. :frowning_face:

Have a lovely day everyone :wave:

Good morning all, mild but dull here and heavy rain forecast for later…

Three dogs clipped already this morning, that’s Oscar, then Alfie then me… we all use the same kit while it’s out of the cupboard… :joy: No plans for later, maybe a jigsaw or a film if it rains heavily.

Enjoy your day everyone :blush:


Good morning everyone

Well guess what…my builder seems to have disappeared he was supposed to contact us with a start date but he didn’t so I tried to reach him but he isn’t answering his phone or texts…he obviously got a better job so it pains me to say it but it looks like I’m back to square one…looking for a builder. So upset :frowning:

Spent the whole day yesterday in the garden and I might do the same again today…forget your troubles come on get happy…:slight_smile:

Have a good day everyone

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I’m upset for you too Julia, I’ve never understood why builders do that, even if they can’t start for some reason it is pretty cowardly of them not to call and say so… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thankyou Barry…hopefully I have another builder coming later this week to have a look so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: it’s raining cats and dogs here and looks to set in for the day. Thank goodness dry warmer weather is forecast to be starting tomorrow.

No plans for the day, just usual chores….

Enjoy your day folks…… :grinning:

Morning Awl…
We have done the dogs as usual. Perhaps just timing but just as we about to got to Roman Rig a bunch of us congregated there - seven dogs including ours. Nice and sociable it was.

Back home and we have the groceries coming, the Meat Man, and a couple of other packages, Then I’ll stroll a bit later although it might be raining.

Such a hectic life we lead !

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: it is pouring with rain here. I am feeling exhausted after a night with a misbehaving heart so progressing slowly with my jobs.

I have made a vegetable lasagne and salad for lunch and hope to do some sewing this afternoon.

Enjoy your day …

Belated Good Morning!

Went to the Post Office, then did some shopping for a neighbour, just arrived back when the heavens opened - and it has been raining ever since.

Spent the day ‘happy snapping’ and doing cross stitch (for Christmas!)

Take care.