Good Morning Wednesday 16th August 2023

Morning all!

Tough day yesterday. Feels like things aren’t going in a positive direction for me in so many ways at once.

It’s self care Wednesday for me for sure.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning all ,
Are you getting any support from Friends or Family @butterscotch, sometimes life can feel tough , can you get out at all during the day ?, A break from your surroundings would do you the world of good .

Im going to town today to collect my Glasses,looking forward to having new frames and seeing a little better .
New people moved in at the back of me yesterday … they sound like decent folk ,.

Have a good day everyone .

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Good morning all

Weather very good start.

My sofa still under guarantee has a problem, it’s in 3 parts bolted together…it’s trying to unbolt :astonished: having it fixed today so it’s a day of waiting around …I hate that .

When it’s sorted I’m going to treat myself to coffee & cake. There’s a cafe by the pitch and putt that do huge cakes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enjoy your day xxx

Morning all.

Self care for me today, too. Resting on my sofa with my legs up, for my bad foot. Telly on, book nearby. Hoping it will get better soon as I shall need shopping very soon.

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Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :039:
Nice and sunny as I sped off up the dusty lane…I say ‘Sped’ just two miles today so I ran as much as I could. Tesco morning hence the two miles.
Passed a bloke asleep in one of those ‘Motorway Maintenance’ trucks. I realised what he was doing there when I drove to the Tesco. There were lights up at the end of our street while they started to dig great big holes in the road. Gas or something. The queues of traffic were horrendous…
:red_car: :blue_car: :taxi: :truck: :tractor: :red_car: :taxi: :police_car: :fire_engine:

Perhaps the sofa would not have broken if you hadn’t eaten as much cake Ripple…
runs for cover.:running_man:

You devil fox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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