Good Morning Wednesday 13th March

Yes I know, it is late, you are probably all asleep :wink: but I have just driven from Canberra back to Wollongong.

Took the dog for a walk early and fed her. My daughter arrives home at 4pm.

Then packed the car after breakfast, made a sandwich (which I am eating as I type) and watched an episode of Upstart Crow before setting off.

BTW if you are heading south there was a truck rollover on the Hume Highway with the road completely blocked at Marulan and a 5km long car park behind it, on the other hand my way (going north) was a dream run.

Anyway I have a few things to catch up with now I am home.

Take care, drive carefully, have a good day


Morning all - still waiting for you to send some of that sunshine this way Bruce! That truck rollover sounds serious - hope no-one was hurt. I hate driving, only do so because the public transport system here is unreliable and expensive

Not much planned for today - just some shopping and a pile of ironing I have been trying to ignore!

Take care - hope everyone has a lovely day

Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :yawning_face:
Rest day today…But that only applies to athletic pursuits…I’ve inadvertently wandered into the ‘Jobs around the house’ zone…And there are quite a few requiring attention…
With the weekly Tesco shop completed, I’m moving on to replacing a new carpet gripper at the lounge door before the carpet unravels itself so far into the lounge it will become a rug!
Next will be the soft close toilet seat that doesn’t soft close anymore and makes a helluva clatter when you forget…Much to the annoyance of Mrs Fox, who also gets annoyed at the time I’m spending on the forum this morning so I’d better crack on…