Good Morning Wednesday 11th October 2023

Morning all,

Got some good news that my stressful task is partially complete. More good news is that it’s been raining a little, so no watering for a while.

Had a nice chat on the phone.

Spent most of yesterday trying to sleep and relax. I window shopped online and made a list of some items I want to try or get again.

I watched Star Trek: Enterprise tonight. That was fun.

Plan for today is to check a couple things but mostly spend the day relaxing as much as possible.

Have a good day everyone.

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Good morning all

Today I’m back on the Isle of Wight visiting favourite places and taking a friend.
Usually I go as a foot passenger, today I’m taking the car. OMG, the fare was errr without checking bank statement £87 return, that’s an economy ticket. :astonished:
Its said to be the most expensive sea crossing in the world i can believe it…

Take care xxx

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Good morning all, looks like it might rain here.

Not going out today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning!
dull, dark, and raining

Nothing much planned for today and I have food in, so I don’t need to go out
I have hobbies and I collected a book from the library yesterday
So I’ll just potter about; might even get back under the duvet with the book

EDIT - I’ve just remembered, and checked on t’Net -
Burnley Historical Society have a monthly meeting, and it’s this afternoon, at a church hall only a few streets away from me, so I’ll go along and see what it’s like

good morning all ,
rain here with grey skies .
Trying to book the Gas boiler in for a service but the local man is not returning the call so guess hes busy , I shall wait .

I just watched a Pigeon eating berries off my Cotoneaster tree, I didnt know they ate berries Ive only ever seen them foraging on the ground .

Ive got a Clemetis out in flower it must think its Spring again , this often happens when the temps are same as spring … and also to do with the same daylight hours .

Im not sure what I shall do today , other than cook a pasta dish , some of the ingredients are what I saw Gordan Ramsey , or Jaime Oliver use . And Ive got them in , so shall use them up .

Have a good day .


Good Morning All.

District Nurse has just been and given my injection.

Heavy rain, lights on

I will practice some new recipes today.

Have a good day all

Afternoon all.

After getting up late, dog walk, shower and breakfast, I managed to get out to some stores south of the town. I wanted to get some green manure seeds in Homebase, for £1 each, so bought 1 each of 3 varieties, 100g, with a set for another neighbour. They will collect and pay this afternoon. They had received their free pack from the site rep, but their little girl had sprinkled them on the grass.

As for my expensive Amazon order, of 150g for nearly £7, I went onto my account to return them, but was told I needn’t bother, but would get my refund. Result! I shall now have enough for other areas or for another year.

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