Good morning Wednesday 03/08/2022

Smack Race in Corton.

Good morning all, nice and sunny here, very humid.

Got to have my haircut this morning at 9am.
Nothing else planned for the day.

Have a nice day all.


Good Morning!

It’s nice & sunny here; I’m off to the supermarket soon; besides the usual shopping I’ll enquire about using their pharmacy for my prescriptions, as the one I have been using for years has been taken over, and the service has deteriorated considerably, with mistakes & late items

Not sure what I’ll do this afternoon - might go for a short walk, or get started with a hobby

What a lovely photo - so calming - could look at that for ages! Thank you.


Good Morning All.

Very warm and humid here after a wet start.

I was on my own yesterday, Paula was not well, and not the best of nights., so a little tired.

Off for a coffee by the weir today and a gentle stroll along the river.

Have a good day all.

Morning all.

Just lazily finishing breakfast, then will decide what to do.

Good Morning/Afternoon all.

Raining here at the moment - but the thermometer is rising again - due to hit 73f by lunch time.

Have my first appoinment with my ‘exercise planner’ today - that could be fun! Should have happened a couple of weeks ago but was cancelled due to excessive heat.

Hopefully I will be fit enough to do some more in the garden when I come back. Lost another 3lbs in weight this week - that is 1st:1lb since 13th June. I’ll be a size 8 by Christmas (ha ha ha!)

Have a fun day.

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Sounds good - just take it steady!

It was warm today 24° but it won’t last, cold front coming through later in the week.

Been out with doggie ,off to the hairdressers after lunch.
Then calling in to see my sister …she’s having the outside of her house painted gardenia.

Well done ST.

I have done bits in the garden. Filled three garden bags of green waste, taken some photos of the shed contents and garden, and advertised on social media for a licensed waste carrier. About time I pulled my finger out.

Just showered and had a much needed coffee, and maybe I ought to think about my main meal, what to have.

Might sit here in the cool back room and sort out my meds into the plastic strips.

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Morning all!

Tough day yesterday. I was cruising along, hoping for a relaxing day after ordering the groceries the day before. Out of the blue, I get a call that I need to get something done in the next several days. One more thing on my plate. :frowning:

So now I’m working on something unexpected for a bit.

Still waiting for that relaxing day to happen.

Have a chill day everyone.