Good Morning Tuesday 9th January 2024

Morning all!

Started yesterday out badly with a bunch of unsettling dreams. It took me the rest of the day to feel better. Did a bunch of writing about it.

On the fun side, I found a TV series on Netflix that I couldn’t put down. It was called Fool Me Once. I finished the series in a couple days and really enjoyed it.

Today I’ll be chatting on the phone and looking for another show to binge watch.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning all.

I just have the cafe meet this morning, then no other plans.

Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :snowman_with_snow:
Had a nip out to M&S at Scunthorpe yesterday…Treated myself to a new pair of trousers and a bowl of delicious tomato and basil soup. Service was a bit slow, but soup was okay…
Then we tootled into the city centre so Mrs Fox could visit the Nationwide. I couldn’t believe how cold it was… :astonished: The bitter East wind was taking no prisoners, so being as I don’t do cold anymore we scuttled back to the motor. The place looked more like an eastern European city than a Lincolnshire one, my how things have changed since I worked there in the late 90’s. Plenty of Turkish barbers, and vape shops sprinkled between the abandoned shops with graffiti colourfully brightening up the rolled down shutters. The car park was free for two hours, but I can’t believe that anyone spends more than 2 hours in such a run down place. I half expected finding my car on bricks when I returned. Perhaps it looks better in the summer…