Good Morning Tuesday 7th May 2024

Good morning all you Tuesday terrors

I have once again crossed the Nullarbor and tonight will stay at Balladonna Roadhouse, Fuel is $2.32 a litre and a powered site $50 (they generate their own electricity. Still about 150km to go to Norseman and civilisation. Driven 527Km today including 190km of dead straight road.

From tomorrow I will be able to slow down a bit. The weather is still nice and sunny apart from a few ks today. but there are a lot of flies.

Anyway , more importantly what are you up to?

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We had a stroll at 0700. We walked along the Roman Road still quite peaceful at time of day.


Morning all – heavy rain last night but today has started bright and sunny, although more rain is forecast for later this afternoon

Happy to say the new books arrived yesterday – looking forward to starting the next in the series. :books:

The beast was well behaved last night and left no little gifts. However, she wouldn’t let me near her, obviously remembers that I previously “persuaded” her to go out :black_cat:

Not much planned for today – apart from some grocery shopping and laundry. :shopping_cart: :basket:

Take care – have a lovely day


Good Morning all! :sun_with_face:
A beautiful sunny morning here and according to the forecast it’s set to stay like this for the next few days at least…glory be!!

Oh dear…

I thought I give this a quick blast in the freezer to get it nicely chilled for my son, that was two days ago. Yep, I forgot, oh well I’ve been running the freezer down all ready for replenishing so it won’t take me to long to clean up the blast damage.

Just a short but intense five and a half hours shift at work this evening so no hassle :sunglasses:

Enjoy your day people :sun_with_face::+1:


Morning all, summer has arrived at last! What can i say, my garden is the best place to be at the moment, although i have little choice but to be at home, as i’m waiting for delivery of a large (ish) piece of furniture.

Hmm, will it fit through the front door? :thinking:
Fingers crossed, if will, otherwise watch this space! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day everyone.


Many, many years ago I bought a sofa bed chosen by my then 10 year old daughter (hideous thing - the sofa, not her) To get it in the house we had to remove its legs and the back door


I have a plan B, C,and D Bruce. By hook or by crook it’s getting through that door! :grin:

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Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :sunglasses:
No rain for the last four days and the lane is drying up beautifully, although I jogged and walked the canal path today. Booked in for a haircut tomorrow, I’m beginning to resemble a Yeti from the neck up, but thinner and less hair below the neck…Knuckles are beginning to hurt being dragged along the floor for so long…B&Q is looking favourable after lunch, with a visit to the tip with Mrs Fox…After fifty two years I’m ready for a newer model, she always said she liked skipping… :nerd_face:


Hmm - seems you like living dangerously OGF! If Mrs. Fox reads these comments - I suggest you hide the knives!


Alway wanted to photograph one of these


Are these from your garden?

Yjey are on a hedge alongside our drive

My first wife would have a fit if I dug up dandelions, she made tea out of the leaves

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We used to tell the time with them…

This is from our garden :slight_smile:


Every day is Halloween!