Good Morning - Tuesday 5th October

Good Morning/afternoon all

Rain, thunder and more rain forecast for today.

Meeting a friend for shopping and lunch - not sure where we are going though. The it will be back to the Craft Room for the rest of the day.

Have fun!

Good morning/afternoon all.

Sunny but windy today. Took my car out for a run just to get the fluids circulating. Haven’t been for my walk yet.

Yesterday was a public holiday and long weekend for Labour Day, not that it makes any difference to me, everyday is a holiday when you are retired.

Take care

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Your up early.

No I am not, it is 1pm. What time do you get up?

My post was a reply to SilverTabby but for some reason it did not register.
I know you are down under so the question would not apply. :smiley::smiley:

3 am here by the way.

Not a great morning, absolutely chucking it down as I found out when I went to fill the feeders. But at least none of my cat friends were hiding in the bushes in need of a shelter.

Morning all. And what a morning! So not looking forward to the dog walk, and then round to the cafe at 11 for our coffee group meet. Wonder how many people won’t bother turning up?

Good morning everyone! Looks like we might get a reprieve from the rain today, and some sunshine. Nothing planned yet…have a lovely day! :smiley:

Wet and windy start to the day again :roll_eyes: looks like another day not to like. Global warming must have taken a few days off. Have a good day all. :wink:

Think we have moved on to ‘Climate Change’ now. :grinning:

Morning all, well we have blue sky and rain. Should be a rainbow somewhere :rainbow:

No plans as yet, had a very busy day yesterday so will probably just chill today.

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

Yep, here it is!

Yep you’re right there @mrfraggle . Job to keep up with these things nowadays.
Great shot of the rainbow @bathsheba :+1:

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: the torrential rain went through in the night and we now have breezy showers.

I want to get out in the garden but it is too wet, I will do some cleaning instead.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:.

Wouldn’t mind a bit of rain

Good morning all, wet her overnight too and forecast for more of the same after lunch, well at least the lawn is getting a watering…

Just finished clipping the two hounds and now grabbing a coffee before deciding what to do next, which I guess won’t be a lot other than warming some cottage pie from the freezer for lunch.

Enjoy your day everyone :blush:

Good morning everybody.

Today I want to pay the house insurance & book the car in for a service.

At some point this afternoon we are going a drive to Clay Cross to look at some apartments my friend Jean is moving into.

No other plans. I am still feeling much the same. I had to phone the doctor yesterday & she’s prescribed me some anti nausea pills. I am not enjoying my food at all. Not like me. Dr said opioid withdrawal symptoms should all be gone in another week. I do hope so as I have enough bother coping with trapped nerve.

Lovely rainbow Sheba…

Have a good day all. :blush:

Rain has stopped, for dog walk. And for walking round to the cafe. Yay.

Good morning all.
Quite chilly again, rained most of the night, but dry and fairly sunny at present.

I have wasted nearly an entire morning making phone calls and trying to order something off Amazon - all to no avail, so I am not pleased. Now it’s lunchtime already.

Oh well, onwards and upwards ey.