Good Morning Tuesday 4th April 2023

Morning all!

Sunday, I slept poorly so Monday was catch-up sleep time. :zzz::sleeping:. Sleep is the best.

The weather is still alternating between clouds and sun.

No plans for today yet.

Have a good day everyone.

Good Morning all :wave:

Just boring stuff to day
Windows are being cleaned inside & out, I’ve ridiculously tall windows
Shopping being delivered.
Weather looks promising ,might get the sun lounger cushions out, my garden is a sun trap .

Enjoy your day xxx

Good morning!

A touch of frost first thing, but nice & sunny now

Tai Chi session this morning, perhaps a bit of shopping this afternoon

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Morning all.

Cafe meet first then goodness knows what afterwards.

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Good morning all, brilliant sunshine here.
Not going out or if I do it will just be a 1 min walk to the Sea Wall Bench.
Got washing to do and will put it out in the washing line.
Window Cleaner is coming this afternoon.

Have a nice day all.

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Morning everyone, a good frost again this morning but the sun is up now and looks like being a nice day ahead. I covered up the plants last night, but no more frost is forecast for awhile now thank goodness.

Just back from a walk around the pond which was quite spectacular with the low sun and mist rising. Now enjoying a brew before going over to Mum’s to give her lawns a cut. Probably more gardening here then this afternoon

Enjoy your day folks :blush:


Great photo Barry… :+1:

Bordering on freezing with a slight frost as I set off at 7:00 am for my three mile jog/walk.
Nice n’ sunny though. I wasn’t expecting to break this years record for the circuit after I seemed to be doing more walking than jogging. However, when I did jog, it was more of a run…

Lawn’s not going to feed it’s self, so it’s shorts on, and a chair out, to get some sun on those white winter legs, while I sprinkle some magic beans on the lawn…

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Your picture has me so curious that I have to ask. Is that a guy fishing on a bench or just a shadow of something else?

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Yep, just a guy fishing…

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Morning - just. Had a stroll. Then we bundled my sister off to get his train back to London. Now it is rather peaceful…

Good Afternoon! Lovely day here, I’m waiting in for a meat delivery, then off to town

Have a great afternoon everyone