Good morning Tuesday, 30th Nov

Good morning all, much milder here this morning and the snow has disappeared in the night thank goodness, it’s good fun when you are young but I’ve hated it ever since…

Just about to go to the forest for an hour with the hounds but nothing planned yet for later, just take it as it comes I guess, something usually turns up…

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

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It hasn’t rained so I got all my grass cut - 250mm in places

Waited at home for electric meters to be changed for digital ones. Didn’t happen, they put a note in my letterbox saying that the fuses contain friable asbestos and they couldn’t change them until they were removed at my expense. I rang them to tell them I wasn’t that fussed about the digital meters so I wasn’t getting anything fixed. If they wanted to install digital meters then they could replace the fuses at their expense.

Enjoy your day


Big Brother at it again Bruce?
Frosty here like a layer of snow…
Had my orders…cutting up more logs…
Gotta keep the home fires burning this weather…
Have a safe day

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Morning everyone, dull here again, but a little warmer than of late. It’s going to be mostly a stay indoors and sew day for me. Though we will have to go up and walk the dogs at my daughter’s - her dog and her brother’s, which she always looks after when he’s away. That could well take a lot longer than usual, because there are some emergency repair works and traffic lights on the only access road to her estate and the traffic is consequently backed up in all directions at the roundabout. I sat in a queue there yesterday for 11 minutes in one direction and 9 minutes on the way back :roll_eyes:

And then I’ll be taking her and her daughter swimming tonight - they come back here straight from school/work, then swimming lesson at 5.00, back here for dinner then home. Trouble is, dogs can’t be left all that time, so Mr B will have to battle the traffic in the meantime to let them out,.

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Good morning everyone. Thank goodness it is milder this morning and will have a chance to collect up the leaves for the compost bin.
First I am going to have my hair cut always an unpleasant experience having someone fiddling about with my hair .

Enjoy your day… :smiley:

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Good Morning everyone! Its a warm 10 degrees here, lashing with rain and its also St Andrews Day in Scotland…

No plans for the day yet…apart from chores and nipping to the bank.

Have a lovely day :wave:

Happy St Andrews Day !

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Good morning all :grinning: what a change in the temperature!
It is 10°C here at the moment and the windows are open.

Another day of pottering around with the duster. :grinning:

Enjoy your day folks, stay safe.

Morning all.

Woken up to no landline or internet. Saw an engineer sitting amongst a load of wires on the dog walk so will have a word when I go to the cafe shortly. Nobody saying they have problems on local FB group, as yet. Using my phone atm as I have this app.

Urgh… 2 hour meeting starting at 8am …

Its freezing in my house because the heating is off while the radiators are being taken off the wall so the decorators can paint around them. So far the living room is coming on really well, by Friday I’ll be able to put the TV on the wall and complete the surround system, then its off to the shops for new furniture.

Good Morning everyone.

Been out and done a little shopping - someone switched the rain on while I was in the Post Office - was soaked coming home.

Warm bath, pot of tea, and a DVD to watch while I finish addressing my Christmas cards - sounds like a good plan!

Have a fun day

Well all good here bright and all sow cleared actually now blue skies; just done a bit of banking and finance sorting (I love my little cash book)

Work this evening and off out with Gert shortly for a nice run (her not me)

Have a good day all

Sounds like an almost perfect day all I would need for perfection is the addition of a dog walk.

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Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all. :039:

Not too late, managed to make it on here before midday!

Not as cold this morning, no frost. It’s 11ºC now with bright sunshine streaming in the windows.
Also blue skies, which makes a change.

Various tasks to do today. The first important one of these, ordering central heating oil for the winter,
now done so ‘getting there’ as the saying goes!

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.

Still no phone. Spoken to BT, engineer coming to house Thurs PM. Argh.